Do Babies & Newborns Get Bored Easily?

Do Babies & Newborns Get Bored Easily?

Signs of an Understimulated Baby

Dealing with a fussy baby and trying to find the root cause? It could be that your baby is bored or maybe just anxious. It’s true that babies can get bored, as it’s also true that babies are extremely sensitive. Remember, they have just come from a dark womb with comforting noises all day and all night. As they learn to take in the world around them, they will go through plenty of change. Finding ways to entertain your baby and help keep them calm, can help both of you relax and enjoy more time together. 

Ready to learn more about why babies get bored and what to do? Here’s what you should know.

Do babies get bored easily?

Babies can get bored, even when they can’t talk or do much other than eat and sleep. Sometimes, boredom is a sign that your baby needs a sensory boost, so you may want to try to offer more stimulation. While you may feel the need to entertain or interact with your baby during all awake stretches, it’s okay to let them be bored. Giving your baby some time to be bored or cry it out can help them learn how to self soothe or problem solve later on. As a parent though, you get the freedom to decide what you think is best. If you feel your baby is bored often, fussy, or anything else out of the ordinary consult your pediatrician. 

How can I tell if my baby is bored? Signs of an understimulated baby:

#1. Restlessness

While an overstimulated baby can also experience restlessness, it can be a sign of an understimulated baby too. If your baby is fighting sleep or having troubles focusing, they may need more stimulation. While we can’t overwhelm our baby with stimulation if it’s bedtime, we can work on giving them more stimulation during wake hours. If your baby is fighting sleep, try a weighted sleep sack or swaddle by Dreamland to help them learn to self soothe and fall asleep faster. 

#2. Lack of interest/curiosity

If your baby is not engaging in things or has a lack of curiosity, they may be understimulated. To reverse the issue, pay attention to the clues your baby gives you to understand what interests them. Make an effort to peak their curiosity while helping them explore what they are drawn to. 

#3. Low energy level 

While this may seem like a good thing, it’s not always a positive. A low energy level may be a sign that your baby is checked out. Work to re-engage your baby and boost their energy level through stimulation. 

What should you do to stimulate a bored baby?

Remember, babies are naturally always looking to find new and interesting things while they are awake. To stimulate a bored baby you can offer them sensory toys such as rattles or noisy books or take them outside for a walk. If your baby is fighting sleep, and you think they’re bored, they might just need help calming down. At Dreamland, we design weighted sleep aid products that help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Our swaddles and sleep sacks wrap them tight with a gentle weight to mimic the feeling of a hug. The faster your baby falls asleep, the less time their mind has to wander. 

At what age can babies get bored?

The truth is… every baby is unique. While this can be frustrating to accept as you navigate life with a new baby, it’s something we must all appreciate. Some babies can start showing signs of boredom as young as two months while others may not until seven or eight months. 

Should I entertain my baby all day?

Being a mom is undoubtedly a full time job. You do not need to entertain your baby all day, but they do need plenty of attention and the right amount of stimulation. Try using things like play pens, mobiles, musical swings, and so forth to provide entertainment or stimulation without needing to hold your baby all day - although they may prefer the human touch. If your baby is clingy, hang in there.

Do smart babies get bored easily?

All babies can get bored. While boredom can be a sign of an active mind and early development, it does not equate to their intelligence level. As a parent, lean in to your baby’s curiosity and do what you can to support their development. 

The good news is that babies don’t know much so entertaining them is not that hard. 

How do you tell if your baby is bored or hungry?

With babies, it can be hard to tell what they want. While eventually you’ll determine some sort of routine, and they should show you signs of hunger, there are some times you will play the guessing game. When babies are hungry they will usually make movements with their lips or they may even reach for your boob or the bottle. There are also times when your baby may just cry and cry, leaving you wondering what is wrong. While they may be hungry in this scenario too, boredom is also something to consider. Typically, a bored baby will show more subtle signs than screaming and crying. Babies that are bored usually kick and fuss, act removed, experience restlessness, and so forth. When your baby is fussy, try the things that usually work to determine what is really wrong. 


As humans, we crave stimulation. Babies too. Babies are constantly developing and therefore, they are curious about the world. Your baby will need developmental support and stimulation on a daily basis. It’s important to interact with your baby and provide them with stimulation, even when you don’t think they appreciate it. In order to help your baby soak in developmental milestones, they need to be getting a good night's sleep. To help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, shop Dreamland today. From weighted swaddles to weighted blankets, our sleep aid products can help babies of all ages get better sleep. You know what that means - sleep for you too! Shop Dreamland today. 

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