Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dreamland Baby® help my baby sleep? 

The "secret" is in our CoverCalm® technology, an even distribution of weight from the shoulders to the toes. The gentle weight naturally reduces stress and increases relaxation through the power of deep touch stimulation. Studies show that the weight helps baby feel calm and is able to sleep for longer stretches.

Our weighted sacks take the soothing, calming comforts of a regular sleep sack and give baby the sensation of being hugged. When you're hugged, you feel more secure, which helps baby feel calm so they can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

How do I size my baby for your products? 

Our products run true-to-size. You can find our size quiz here. It's a quick and easy way to help you determine the perfect size for your little one!

How long does it take for Dreamland Baby to work? 

Every baby is different, and while many experience sleep success right away, others may take longer to adjust to the gentle weight. Consistency (nap time and bedtime) is key when introducing something new to a baby's bedtime routine, and of course, patience helps, too! 

Do you recommend using for nighttime or just for naps? 

Both! There is no need to "save" Dreamland Baby for nighttime sleep. As your baby gets used to the gentle weight, she will form a positive sleep association with the weighted sleep sack. Each time she sees Dreamland Baby, it will serve as a sleep cue, signaling that it's time to go to bed, whether that's nap time or nighttime.

How should i dress my baby while wearing your sleep sacks and swaddles? 

Our sleep sacks are made from lightweight, breathable fabric. We recommend pairing them with our dream pajamas.

Can your products help prevent the 4-month sleep regression? 

Although there is no way to prevent the 4-month sleep regression, there are techniques to manage your baby waking up more frequently in the night or taking shorter naps. This blog post provides tips on getting your baby through the 4-month sleep regression.

Can the sleep sack be used for tummy sleepers? 

Yes, absolutely! Our sleep sacks have a reversible neckline to accommodate both back and tummy sleepers. We have a lot of exclusive tummy sleepers, and the product is just as effective for them as it is for back sleepers. You can simply place the sleep sack on your little one with the zipper on the back instead of the front. That way, they can still benefit from the gentle weight on top of them while they sleep!

My baby is in-between sizes, do you recommend sizing up? 

Do not size up! Our products run true-to-size. For example, our medium (ages 6-12 months) will fit a baby who is 100% height/weight at 12 months. Although some babies weight may be high enough to fit into the next size up, if a portion of the weighted beads are below baby's feet, the product will not be as effective. Most importantly, placing too much weight on baby may be unsafe, so do not size up.

How do I use the swaddle wing? 

The built-in swaddle wing is designed so it can be used in three different ways depending on your baby's stage and comfort level.

• Both arms in: Place baby on top of open swaddle wings. Position wing below baby's shoulders with arms at sides. Wrap one side across baby's chest and secure it to the other side.

• One arm in: Position the swaddle below shoulders. Wrap one side of the swaddle wing across baby's chest over one arm, and secure. Leave the other arm out.

• Both arms out: Wrap swaddle around baby's chest, leaving both arms out.

Discontinue swaddling when your baby begins showing signs of rolling.

If I am sleep training, can I still use Dreamland Baby®?

Absolutely! Dreamland Baby sleep sacks can be used in conjunction with all of the most common sleep training methods including; the no-tears approach, the cry-it-out approach, and the fading approach. Consistency is a key element of all sleep training techniques, and integrating your Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack can definitely help with nap time and nighttime struggles.

Do your products help with Moro reflex? 

The Moro reflex or startle reflex usually occurs when a baby is startled by a loud sound or movement. The Moro reflex can start at birth and may last until your baby is between 4 and 6 months. While there is no way to prevent the Moro reflex, there are ways to help calm a baby experiencing it.

The weight of our sleep sacks, often combined with the swaddle wing, can help recreate a womb-like environment, helping babies experiencing the Moro reflex feel a sense of security.

If your baby is rolling over and is ready for the Weighted Transition Swaddle, the innovative gently weighted arms can help control the reflex by helping them feel calm, so they can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. You can learn more about the Moro reflex here.

When should I begin using the Transition Swaddle? 

Once your baby starts to break out of the swaddle or begins to roll over, it’s time to introduce them to the Transition Swaddle.

The Transition Swaddle has a snug, secure and cozy fit and an innovative weighted arm feature that helps control the Moro (startle) reflex while still allowing your little one the freedom to move their arms and safely rollover.

Do you offer sleep advice / help? 

Yes! We have a resident sleep expert we can connect you with who can offer customized sleep tips for your baby and help you get the most out of your product. Email us at: [email protected] for more sleep tips and advice.

Will a weighted sleep sack affect a baby's development if they sleep for longer stretches? 

Dr. Jonathan Jassey says, “I wouldn’t say there is a “developmental reason” for babies to wake. They wake for many reasons, including hunger, needing a diaper change, discomfort, feeling hot or cold, etc. In the first few months, they will sleep 18-20+ hrs a day, regardless of whether they are swaddled. Dreamland Baby is giving them a more restful sleep. Sleep is important for the body to grow and fight off infection.”

My baby rolls, is your product safe to use? 

Yes. When sized correctly, the sleep sack's gentle weight is 10% or less body weight and therefore will not restrict movement or weigh baby down. Your baby will be able to roll, sit, stand; anything they can do in a non-weighted sleep sack.