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Weighted sleep solutions with CoverCalm™ Technology. Evenly distributed weight designed to help baby feel calm, fall asleep faster, & stay asleep longer.


REST assured our weighted sleep solutions are safe, secure & effective.


A Godsend!

"Dreamland Baby has been a godsend for us. The evenly distributed weighted quilts provide gentle soothing pressure for baby to keep him asleep peacefully. 1000% recommend if your baby has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep."

-Lisa S.

Best investment ever!!

"Saw it on Shark Tank and purchased it for my granddaughter. Has worked like a dream. Started with the newborn size and have purchased the next 2 sizes up."

-Debra W.

Worth. Every. Penny.

"Thank you for longer stretches of sleep at night and giving us back a couple hours of sleep ourselves. Life-changing."

-Carrie A.

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Dreamland Baby products are OEKO-TEX® certified.


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