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The Best Wearable Blankets of 2019

The Best Wearable Blankets of 2019

Before you have a baby it may seem like you're going to need a lot of stuff to keep them happy. With all the darling outfits and cool gear that's available now, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is really necessary for when your baby arrives. The fact is, you don't really need a lot! Just a handful of necessities and a whole lot of snuggles and love. So today we're going to help you narrow down your list by talking about one of the items your baby actually needs to sleep well. And that's a wearable blanket.

As a newborn, a wearable blanket might start in the form of a swaddle whereas babies who are able to roll over (3 months or later) can transition to a sleep sack. Either way, these are a genuinely helpful item that you will hoard for any subsequent children because you'll realize how helpful they can be when it comes to (everyone's) sleep.

Why are wearable blankets so helpful?

Some babies will enjoy being swaddled when they are very new. The closeness that they get from being swaddled closely resembles the way they felt in the womb. This allows them to better relax and prepare for sleep. Additionally, babies under the age of four months experience what's called the Moro reflex (as we explain in this article)  and a swaddle can be a huge help with that. So when you're stocking your baby's nursery, swaddles should be on your list, too. But, your baby can't wear a swaddle forever.

In fact, many babies will need to be transitioned out of a swaddle by 4 months, and some even sooner than that. If your baby is rolling over, a swaddle is no longer a safe choice. Even if your little one isn't quite there yet, you'll want to have your favorite sleep sack ready, because I can tell you from experience, these milestones happen in the blink of an eye. And once your baby has learned their new trick, there's no going back to the way it was.

The bottom line is that wearable blankets are the perfect transition from a swaddle. And some babies don't like being swaddled at all, so you need to have a sleep sack ready from the get-go.  Here's what you'll love about wearable blankets:

  • give your baby warmth and coziness
  • stay on (unlike a blanket which could be kicked off)
  • are easy to get on and off
  • is a perfect element to your baby's sleep routine

Babies need to learn when it's time to sleep. A cozy sleep sack is something you can use at every nap and bedtime to cue your baby that it's time to head off to dreamland. Beyond that, it's the safest way to give your baby comfort while they sleep.

Wearable blankets are the safe sleep choice!

Wearable Blankets are the Safest Choice

As adults, we love big cozy beds with lots of blankets and pillows. And as a kid you were probably also surrounded by stuffed animals. It's normal to think your baby would prefer the same. Except none of that is safe for your baby. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, cribs should be kept completely bare. That means no sheets, blankets, stuffed animals, or bumpers. Even infant mattresses are very firm to ensure safety.

This can all be hard to wrap your head around when you know your baby just wants to be snuggled up with warmth. That's when a wearable blanket becomes essential.

Wearable blankets are a perfectly safe choice for your baby!

This is because they are not loose. Instead, they are like an extra article of clothing for your baby. With an array of fabrics and prints, you're sure to find a wearable blanket your baby will love. There is even a weighted sleep sack option now with even more benefits to help your little one sleep better (read on to find out what makes this one by Dreamland Baby so great!)

Now that we've determined how helpful sleep sacks can be while being the only safe sleeping blanket for your baby, here's a look at the best ones on the market!

The Best Wearable Blankets

1. Dreamland Baby Wearable Weighted Blanket

New on the market for 2019, this is the best wearable blanket you could come by for your little one. It has a very special feature unique from any other wearable blanket on this list. And it's that it's weighted! What does that mean exactly? Well, creator Tara Williams shares how this vision came alive as her fourth child was struggling to sleep night after night. On one of those nights as he fussed next to her on the couch she placed a heavy blanket over him and she saw an instant calm come over his face. Tara's first prototype was used for her own son who began sleeping soundly each night thereafter. After researching, she found that babies crave the weight because it mimics the touch of their loved ones.

What is it made from? You can count on quality craftsmanship from Dreamland Baby. Each wearable blanket is made by hand in 100% natural, soft cotton. The weight comes from inner poly pellet beads that are non-toxic, food-grade and completely safe. It even has a zipper along the bottom for easy diaper changes!

The relaxing effect that this weighted wearable blanket gives through deep touch stimulation is unlike anything else on the market. One mom reviewer stated, "Having this product is like a lifesaver. My baby suddenly is sleeping 10-12 hours!" Therefore, it's our number one recommendation on our best wearable blankets list!

2. Halo Sleepsack Wearable Blanket

Halo is the creator of the original wearable blanket. It was made out of a need for a replacement to dangerous loose blankets that can cover a baby's face and interfere with breathing. With its proven track record for safety as well as its ability to help babies sleep, it's considered the #1 Choice of Hospitals.

What is it made from?  The Classic Wearable Blanket by Halo is made from 100% Cotton. It has an inverted zipper so diaper changes can be performed without taking the entire sleep sack off. 

With many adorable prints to choose from, this roomy sack design is a great go-to as your baby transitions from swaddle to sleep sack.

3. Aden + Anais Sleeping Bag

Aden + Anais is most popular for their swaddling blankets. Often a coveted baby shower gift, these soft blankets are some of the best if you're up for the challenge of learning the art of swaddling for your little one. Their line of muslin products has various offerings including their classic sleeping bags. 

What is it made from?  The Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Sleeping Bags are made from breathable, pre-washed muslin making them extra soft. 

These thinner sleepsacks are great for warmer nights but when your little one still craves the softness of a blanket. (One reviewer states, "Perfect for Florida weather!") Easy to put on and impossible to kick off, your baby is sure to love the feel of these soft sleeping bags. 

4. Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag

Woolino offers something a little different from the other wearable blankets on our list in that it's made with a fabric that's great for all four seasons. Merino wool might sound like an odd choice for a baby's wearable blanket, but this breathable fabric naturally regulates a baby's body temperature. 

What is it made from? The basic sleeping baby by Woolino is made from breathable Australian merino wool. It is much finer than other types of wool so parents don't have to worry about it being itchy on a baby's sensitive skin. (A mom even says her daughter with eczema sleeps very well in her Woolino sleepsack.) It has the ability to keep your baby warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot and is suitable for room temperatures between 63 and 77 degrees.

If you live in an environment where the temperature changes a lot throughout the year, (and especially if you don't have air conditioning in your home), the Woolino sleepsacks are an excellent choice for comfortable sleep. 

5. Carter's Long Sleeve Fleece Sleep Bag

The unique feature of this sleepsack is that is has long sleeves. Though not necessary for all year round, it's definitely an awesome option for colder winter nights. The snuggle soft fabric will be cozy on your baby's skin as it keeps them warm through the night from head (to wrist) to toe!

What is it made from? The longe sleeve sleep bag by Carter's is made from cozy 100% polyester microfleece. It's easy to care for and a great fabric for nights when you want your baby to stay as warm as possible. The ribbed cuffed sleeves will stay in place and parents will love that it zips from ankle to neck for those middle of the night diaper changes.

These long sleeve wearable blankets come in several darling prints for both boys and girls. If your baby has a lot of cold nights in their future, this is a great sleep sack to have around!


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