How To Swaddle Your Dreamland Baby

Swaddling is easy as 1-2-3 with Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle. 

Gone are the days parents need to spend hours learning how to swaddle and wrapping their infants in loose blankets only to use the wrong technique and have their baby burrito break free in minutes.

Dreamland Baby swaddles come with a detachable swaddle wing, offering an individualized sleep solution for babies who love to be swaddled AND little ones that don't prefer it. 

If your baby loves to be bundled up cozy follow these three simple steps to quickly, easily and securely swaddle your baby. 

HOW TO SWADDLE STEP 1: Put baby inside the weighted sleep sack body


Dreamland Baby weighted swaddle is indicated for infants from birth (8 lbs and up) to four months. The small weighted baby blanket has 0.8 pounds of beads evenly distributed throughout the blanket. Dreamland Baby is only weighted on the front.  The simple design of the sleep sack body allows for virtually no errors when placing your baby inside. 

Ensure zipper is zipped to the top and protective flap is covering zipper. 

HOW TO SWADDLE STEP 2: Secure detachable swaddle wing to safety flap on weighted sleep sack body.


In the center of the weighted sleep sack is a flap with a velcro stripe. This matches up with a velcro stripe on the swaddle wing, easily and securely fastening the detachable swaddle wing to safely wrap your baby.


HOW TO SWADDLE STEP 3: Secure the Swaddle Wing and Fasten Velcro

The detachable swaddle wing should be placed below your baby's shoulders, several inches away from your baby's chin.  The detachable wing should be pulled across your baby’s body and secured via velcro stripe as far under baby’s back as possible for a secure swaddle.

The swaddle wing can be adjusted allowing for a customized fit that meets the needs and comfort of your baby as they grow toward the four month milestone.

It is important to wrap the swaddle wing below the shoulders for safety reasons. This position ensures no loose fabric is covering your  baby's mouth or nose, which could increase the risk of suffocation. 

The Dreamland Baby weighted swaddle wings have extra strong velcro to help keep your baby secure and arms unable to break free.

The final swaddle, should look like this:

 weighted sleep sack


Tips for Successful Swaddling:

Some things to remember when using any swaddle also apply when using the Dreamland Baby weighted swaddle

  • Always swaddle your baby with a snug, secure fit.

  • Ensure the fabric never comes over your baby's nose or mouth.

  • Always check the room temperature to avoid your baby overheating.

  • Always swaddle with your baby's arms down, not crossed over their chest. 

  • Never wrap swaddle around baby's legs.

Tips for Safely Swaddling:

  • Always place your baby to sleep on their back.

  • Your baby should no longer be swaddled when they show signs of rolling.

  • Baby's crib should be bare (no toys or crib bumpers).

  • Avoid swaddling with a blanket not specifically designed to swaddle.

  • Ensure swaddle is securely wrapped.

  • Always select the appropriate sized swaddle for your baby.

Once your baby starts showing signs of rolling over, it is time to start swaddling with arms out and transition right to the Dream Wearable Weighted Blanket. 

As always, please feel free to reach out to us via the chat on our website or at with any questions.