How To Choose Baby Bedding

How To Choose Baby Bedding

Find Bedding That’s Right For Your Baby

Creating the perfect sleep space for your baby is part of setting the mood for a restful night sleep. As a parent, you’ll want to comfort your baby at all times. When you’re not physically touching your baby, you will want them to find comfort in the softness of their bedding, womb-like sounds from the sound machine, and anything else that provides comfort. 

How do I choose baby bedding?

Just like anything else you choose for your baby, you will care about the details. From safety to durability to the softness of the sheets, the sheets your baby rests their head on need to be top notch. When choosing baby bedding, consider the materials. Choose a material that offers plush comfort that’s breathable and machine washable. Bamboo is a trending material for baby clothes and bedding as it’s known for being ultra-soft and breathable. Another factor you will want to consider is the fit. Choose bedding that is safe and appropriate for your baby’s age and fitted to the mattress. Lastly, consider where the products are made. When possible choose products made in the USA.

What bedding should be in a crib?

Creating a safe sleep environment for your baby is a top priority. A tight fitted sheet is really all you need for bedding in a crib. Be sure you have extra crib sheets on hand, because well, accidents happen. 

What sheets are best for babies?

Babies are sensitive. From their surroundings to their new skin, you will want to use sheets that are delicate yet durable. Ensuring the sheets you choose are breathable is one of the most important things. Safe and breathable sheets should also be soft-to-touch and comfortable too. Cotton is a breathable fiber making it a popular material for baby sheets. Our Dream Fitted Crib Sheet is ultra-soft and made with 100% cotton, designed to fit a standard crib mattress. For babies with sensitive skin you may want to try bamboo crib sheets. Bamboo is breathable and hypoallergenic, making it another top choice for crib sheets. Our Bamboo Crib Sheets feature LuxeWeave™ fabric that infuses them with buttery softness, sweet dreams little one.

Is bedding safe for babies?

Bedding has a variety of definitions. When it comes to bedding for babies, a crib sheet should be safe as long as it fits properly. Soft bedding though should be avoided as it can contribute to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). To give your baby the feeling of comfort and warmth, use a sleep sack or swaddle until they are old enough to use soft bedding. The CPSC, AAP, and NICHD recommend that babies under 12 months sleep in a space or crib free of soft bedding. Bedding can block an infant’s airways 

How many bedding sets do you need for a baby?

Sh*t happens with a baby… so plan for it. Keeping extra bedding sets or crib sheets on hand is a smart idea. If you do not have a washer and dryer in your home, you may want to keep a few extra on hand. Afterall, the last thing you want is to disrupt your baby’s sleep routine because you don’t have clean bedding. 

What bedding is best for newborns?

Newborn bedding should be soft, breathable, and safe. Additionally, it should be temperature appropriate or have the ability to help regulate your baby’s body temperature. Our Dream Weighted Sleep Sack and Swaddle are 1.0 TOG, making it ideal for 68-73°F. TOG ratings are used to help parents determine what to dress their baby in to promote comfortable and safe sleep depending on the environment. TOG ratings go beyond just baby products as you may have noticed them on sleeping bags, duvets, and more. Thermal Over Grade (TOG) measures the heat of a particular product represented as the “amount” of thermal insulation that the product provides. Swaddles and sleep sacks should come with a TOG rating, so pay attention as well as using your judgment. If your baby is constantly waking up sweaty and hot, perhaps you need a lighter or more breathable swaddle, even if the TOG rating is appropriate. Some babies are naturally more hot or cold than others, yet another variable that makes caring for your baby a unique experience. 

Newborns should not sleep with any soft bedding. To keep them snug and ready for sleep, wrap them in a swaddle and catch some zzz’s (hopefully). As your baby gets older and starts to roll, it will be time to graduate them to a sleep sack. At Dreamland, we offer safe, easy-to-use, and dreamy weighted sleep sacks and swaddles, as well as crib sheets. Weighted sleep aid products can help calm your baby and promote better sleep. Our sleep sacks and swaddles feature a gentle weight and CoverCalm® Technology that evenly distributes weight from your baby’s shoulders to toes. With the soft touch of our sleep sacks and swaddles to our technology that works to reduce stress and increase relaxation you can adapt to your baby’s ever changing sleep needs. Our swaddles and sleep sacks give your baby a sense of security and comfort, resembling the feeling of a hug, thus allowing them to drift off to Dreamland happily.

When your baby is ready to bust out of the sleep sack, lull them to sleep effortlessly with our weighted toddler blanket. 92% of parents saw their baby's sleep improved in the first week of using Dreamland products. Join the club and help you and your baby get the sleep you both deserve. 


While babies are complex, when it comes to bedding, keep it simple. For newborns you can use a swaddle to keep them comfortable, warm, and safe as they sleep. When they start to roll, transition them to a sleep sack. And finally, the day will come when you’re ready to lay your baby down with a toddler blanket. When your baby is ready to use blankets and more bedding is in their crib or bed, be intentional about what you use. You want to create a comfortable sleep space while keeping your baby’s safety at the forefront. Shop Dreamland for the best baby sleep essentials designed to help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Dreams do come true!

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