How To Choose The Right Child Care

How To Choose The Right Child Care

Our Tips to Be Confident with Your Daycare Choice

Leaving your baby under the care of someone else is a big decision, but some of us have no choice. Whether you are looking for childcare regularly or special occasions only, you will want to do your due diligence and choose a trusted provider. From the atmosphere (if you plan to drop off) to the individual themself, there’s plenty to consider when choosing childcare for your baby. Here are some tips and pointers that can help you find the best childcare. 

What are the most important factors to consider in choosing childcare?

When choosing childcare, you will want to refer to your basic instincts. Beyond what you read online, from websites to reviews, you will want to visit locations and meet the caregivers. Three things to focus on are looking, listening, and asking the right questions. Chances are when you have found the right childcare, you will know rather quickly - maybe even the second you walk through the door or shake the caregiver’s hand. Aside from visiting locations, here is a daycare choice checklist:

  • Hours and availability
  • Meals, snacks, and what’s provided 
  • Training, licensing, and credentials 
  • Location
  • Reviews and personal recommendations 
  • Drop ins (Do you feel welcome to stop by anytime and visit?)
  • Staff (How long have they worked there? Who will be working when your child is there?)
  • Development (What do they do to help your baby learn and grow?) 
  • Capacity (How many kids or babies are they watching at once?)
  • Payment options and cost 

Which is an essential characteristic of high quality daycare?

A high quality daycare should have well-educated staff that you connect with in addition to a safe environment that fosters fun and learning. The daycare should be clean and organized, despite the fact it’s filled with children all day. The licensing and qualifications of the daycare and staff are highly important too. 

What three things would you want most from your child's care provider?

#1. Someone you can trust and count on

The daycare you trust your child with will be responsible for teaching and caring for your little one. Just as you have to show up to work every day, they should too. You will want a childcare provider that is reliable and trustworthy. You will want a provider that shares similar values to you and exhibits a true passion for teaching children. 

#2. Education and experience

When choosing a daycare provider, ask about the education and experience of the staff. Additionally find out how long caregivers have been employed as some daycares have high turnover. You will want a daycare with staff that is knowledgeable and able to adapt to the needs of all different children. 

#3. Written policies and procedures

While you will want to make sure your child is in the best of hands, you will also want to make sure the agreement for care is clear. Afterall, childcare is not cheap. Understanding holiday, vacation, absence, and other policies is important when choosing a childcare provider. 

What are common concerns about placing children in daycare?

The love you have for your child is unexplainable, but as fellow parents we get it. Regardless of how confident you are in someone else’s ability to care for your child, concern will always be present. One of the most common concerns parents will have is if their child is safe. Safety matters when it comes to day-to-day play, emergencies, naptime, and more. Another concern includes the worry that your child will not be properly monitored. Daycare’s can be overcrowded. As you shop for a daycare, be sure to ask how many kids they will be watching at once. Lastly, being away from your child you may be concerned about what they will learn, how they will be reprimanded or taught, and so forth. Observing childcare facilities before leaving your child can help you see firsthand how staff handles situations. 

How do I prepare my child for daycare?

Dropping your child at daycare can be hard for both of you, especially if they are old enough to understand. To prepare your child for the big day, get excited for all the fun they will have. The friend they will make. The treats they will get after. The teachers or caregivers that will surround them. Some children experience anxiety when it’s time to say goodbye, but rest assured that most won’t want to leave by the end of the day. If you are dropping a baby off, make sure they are comfortable with a bottle before leaving them. 

What is the best age to put a baby in daycare?

If you’re a working parent, you probably have to return back to work when your baby is as young as 3-4 months old. While some say a baby should be a bit older (around 12 months) before going to daycare, we don’t always have the luxury of waiting. If you choose a trusted daycare or caregiver you should have no worries about leaving your 3-4 month old baby. With young babies it’s important to consider how many babies or kids the childcare center or provider is watching at once. You will want to make sure your baby has the opportunity to get the time and attention they deserve. Additionally, you will want to ensure the childcare provider has the capacity to give your baby what they need. 


The thought of spending your days away from your baby is gut wrenching. Choosing the right childcare can help rip the band aid off with ease. As you prepare to send your baby off for busy days, you will want to make sure they are well rested. Additionally if they will be taking naps at daycare, you will want to make sure they are able to fall asleep, even with more stimulation around. At Dreamland, we specialize in weighted sleep aid products for babies and children. From our weighted swaddles to weighted blanket, our products prioritize safety while promoting a longer, better sleep. Weighted sleep products help babies and children feel secure and comforted. They provide deep pressure stimulation that helps reduce anxiety, alleviate sensory overload, and promote healthy sleep patterns. Our weighted blanket is designed for babies 3 years of age and older. 

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