What Are Sound Machines for Babies?

What Are Sound Machines for Babies?

Answering Common Questions About Baby Sound Machines

Babies are notorious for compromising sleep. Getting them asleep is only half the battle. The other half is keeping them asleep. Part of your quest as a parent will be to find the perfect formula for getting your baby to sleep. Whether it be a sound machine paired with the perfect temperature, and a particular pair of pajamas or a completely silent room - learning out how to get your baby asleep and keep them asleep will be important for you and your family.

As your baby has recently left the womb, they may be craving a womb-like experience to help them sleep. This is where things like sound machines and weighted swaddles and sleep sacks can come in. Sound machines for babies  are similar to white noise machines for adults. They play a repetitive white noise that lulls babies to sleep and helps them stay asleep. Similar to the noises they likely remember from the womb. Sound machines also drown out sounds that may wake them up in the middle of the night.

So, should your baby sleep with a sound machine? This article will tell you everything you need to know.

Should babies sleep with a sound machine?

Some parents may be concerned about having their child sleep with a sound machine. Some studies indicate that sound machines can get too loud and hurt little ears. As a parent or caregiver, it’s important to monitor the sound of the sound machine to keep your baby safe.

Parents can keep sound machine sound under control by maintaining a volume of 60 to 70 decibels. If the baby cries, you can turn the machine up to 100 decibels so they can hear it over their crying. Once the baby stops, turn it back down to the 60 -70 decibel volume.

There are also many companies that make sound machines that are designed to keep volume under control, so it won’t do any damage.

Ultimately, it’s up to the parent whether they would like their baby to sleep with a sound machine. However, there is no reason a baby shouldn’t sleep with a sound machine as long as the volume is under control. Sound machines are safe for babies when used as recommended and effective at promoting sleep.

When should I introduce a sound machine to my baby?

You can introduce a sound machine to babies as young as newborns. Getting them used to sleep aids early on can help you get through sleep regressions later on. Babies will look for familiar cues that let them know it’s time for bed.

What are the benefits of sound machines?

Sound machines provide many benefits to babies. Here are some to consider.

  • Helps the baby get to sleep and stay asleep: A study out of London showed sound machines can help 80% of babies fall asleep in just five minutes. The machines also block out household and street noise that can wake your baby in the middle of the night.
  • Helps the entire family get to sleep: When your baby sleeps better, the entire family sleeps better. This is beneficial to everyone’s state of mind.
  • Increases sleep in babies with Colic: Babies with colic are especially cranky. Reports have shown that white noise increases sleep and reduces the duration of crying in colicky babies.
  • May have other features for convenience: Some sound machines have other features that are helpful to parents. For instance, they may have nightlights that are perfect for middle of the night feeds. They may also have lights that stimulate babies or soothe them to sleep.

How long do you use a sound machine for a baby?

Some parents like to use sound machines throughout the night. However, it’s not recommended. It’s best to shut them off once the baby is sleeping soundly. Some may have a timer, so you don’t have to come into the room and turn them off yourself and run the risk of waking up your baby.

And while you can introduce sound machines to babies as young as newborn, it’s advisable to stop using one after the baby turns six months. At this point, you will want to get the baby to adapt to household noises, so it sleeps soundly through the night under normal circumstances. It’s not good to get your baby too reliant on the machine.

Where do you place a sound machine in a baby's room?

Sound machines should not be placed too close to the baby’s bed. They may have electrical components on it that could endanger the baby. There’s also a possibility that the machine could fall on the baby.

It’s advisable for parents to place sound machines at least 200 centimeters (6.5 feet) away from babies. If you can place it further away, even better. It should never be placed on the crib or crib rail.

Keep in mind that a sound machine will decrease in loudness as it is moved away from the baby. Make sure that it is placed to offer optimal noise coverage without being too loud.

Do newborns need sound machines?

No, newborns do not need sound machines. Many newborns have grown up perfectly healthy and well-rested without them. But if you are dealing with an exceptionally fussy sleeper, a sound machine may be the best solution.

What noise is best for baby sleep?

Sound machines don’t only produce white noise. They can produce a wide variety of other noises. These include:

  • Heartbeat to mimic what babies hear in the womb
  • Thunder
  • Rain
  • Classic lullabies
  • Nature sounds
  • Waterfalls
  • Wind blowing through trees
  • Fan-like sounds

…and the list goes on.

Some believe that the heartbeat sound is the most soothing. But it all depends on your baby. If you purchase a sound machine that produces a variety of noises, try them all out to determine which soothes your baby best.


If your baby is having difficulty sleeping, a sound machine could be the ideal solution. To ensure your baby gets the best sleep possible, you may also want to use a weighted swaddle or sleep sack. A swaddle produces a similar environment to the one your baby experiences in the womb providing extra soothing results.

Dreamland’s weighted swaddles are designed with CoverCalm® technology that evenly distributes weight over your baby’s body. They are made with safe, high-quality materials designed to prioritize safety.

If your baby can’t get to sleep, no one can get to sleep. A sound machine and swaddle combination can provide you, your family, and your baby with an improved quality of sleep that will make everyone feel better.

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