Designing A Vintage Nursery For Your Baby

Vintage nurseries are one of the hottest trends of the year, as reported by Happiest Baby. The penchant for past design staples, married to a greater demand for sustainability, has led many new parents to find creative ways to reuse, recycle, and even upcycle vintage items. If the idea of looking to the future while finding inspiration from the past appeals, the following tips may help while you are in the process of designing a nursery.


Customizing Furniture with Reclaimed Wood

If you are a DIY furniture maker, or you are interested in contracting the services of a custom furniture builder, consider doing so with reclaimed wood. This material has a stunning, rustic, textured finish that blends beautifully with vintage decorative details. Just a few items you can make from reclaimed wood include dressers, high chairs, and cribs.


Adding Antique Rugs into the Equation

Antique rugs add depth, color, and richness to a nursery, especially those with an emphasis on natural wood. If you have an old Persian carpet with a beautiful design that goes well with the colors you have chosen for your nursery, give it new life by making it one of the most eye-catching components of your baby’s nursery. To clean a vintage rug gently, you can use a vacuum cleaner, selecting a gentle setting. You can also use a cleaning solution comprising five cups of warm water and one cup of rug shampoo, adding one tablespoon of white vinegar for a deeper clean. Apply the solution with a soft brush, using up and down motions. Next, hang your rug to dry in a clean, dust-free area.


Choosing Vintage Motifs

Vintage wallpaper is an excellent way to add a nostalgic element to a nursery. Popular choices include ballerinas, vintage cars, bunny rabbits, world maps, vintage airplanes and air balloons, sailboats, and roses. You can limit the use of wallpaper to a statement wall, painting the rest of the room in vintage colors like light teal, soft gay, and dark powder. Contrast these childlike themes with sophisticated touches such as a crystal chandelier, amber or jade statues, and potted and hanging plants. Biophilic design, which emphasizes the beauty of nature, is another strong trend both in nursery design and in interior styling as a whole.


Nostalgic Textiles

Long, beautifully stitched curtains, soft furniture with floral upholstery, decorative cushions and throws, and bedding made of vintage fabrics all reinforce a vintage ambience. You can either utilize these elements in a maximalist style or add one or two of these features to an otherwise simple, minimalist nursery. Embroidered cushions with colorful designs are another beautiful touch that show off craftsmanship and artistry. 


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Vintage nurseries are enjoying a big boom among new parents. This style enables them to make the most of their passion for sustainability, history, and intricate design. Just a few elements you can include in your baby’s nursery of this trend appeals include reclaimed wood furniture, antique rugs, vintage motifs, and nostalgic fabrics.

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