Is Bedding Safe For Babies?

Is Bedding Safe For Babies?

Parenthood comes with a million questions, many of which surround your baby’s sleep. Since your baby spends so much time sleeping in those early months, it’s only natural to want your little one to be as cozy as can be while they get their beauty rest. Plus, we know their sleep means your sleep too. Both parents and baby need plenty of sleep in order to maintain a healthy and happy life. 

When it comes to safe sleep for babies, there are some guidelines in place and things to consider. At Dreamland, safety is a top priority, and  sleep is too. We’re here to help parents learn how to achieve both. 

Keep reading to learn the answer to some of your safe sleep questions regarding the bedding in your baby’s crib. 

Are crib sheets safe?

It is true that young babies are not supposed to have any bedding in their sleep space until they’re a little older, but crib sheets are an exception to “the rule” when it comes to bedding in your baby’s bed. Crib sheets are designed to be safe for your baby to sleep with. There are a few things you should ensure when fitting a crib sheet onto your baby’s crib mattress though:

  • Tight fit: Make sure that your baby’s crib sheet fits snug against the mattress, with enough of the edges tucked nicely under the mattress itself so that they will not easily snap up and expose the mattress. Sometimes, crib sheets can shrink or get warped in the dryer, changing their shape. If they don’t fit well, it could pose a suffocation risk. You should avoid using an adult bed sheet on a crib mattress. 
  • The right material: While the majority of crib sheets should be ultra-breathable, you will want to ensure that the material is appropriate for your baby and for the weather. Avoid flannel crib sheets in the summer time for example, as they can get quite warm. Overheating while asleep can be a risk factor for SIDS. Materials such as organic cotton and bamboo make for perfect crib sheets as they are both breathable, hypoallergenic, moisture absorbing/wicking, and thermal regulating fabrics. 
  • Age and durability: Older crib sheets are more susceptible to snapped elastics, frayed material, or other defects that can affect the safety of the sheet itself. 

That said, all crib sheets that are sold within the United States must comply with The Consumer Product Safety Commission safety regulations. The structural safety of a crib sheet must be tested pretty rigorously before being legally sold. As long as your baby’s crib sheets fit well and are relatively new, they should be perfectly safe for your baby to sleep on. For crib sheets that are safe, breathable, and ultra-comfy, shop our Bamboo crib sheets designed for perfection and long nights of sleep. A real dream we tell you. 

At what age can babies have bedding?

All other bedding, with the exception of sleep sacks and swaddles, are not safe for young babies to have in their sleep space. As cute as they are, even crib bumpers are not recommended for safe sleep practices. 

Before the age of 1, your baby’s crib or bassinet should be free of all pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, or any other loose article or item. Having these items in your young baby’s sleep space can pose a risk for suffocation, strangulation, or SIDS related incidents. The American Academy of Pediatrics, a very reliable source for all things related to baby safety, does not have a specific age that bedding should be okay in a baby’s sleep space. However, most professionals are comfortable with a light blanket or similar after the age of 12-18 months. As your baby approaches this age range, they will likely be strong and alert enough to roll away if an item has covered their face, even in their sleep. These impressive motor skills will keep your older baby safe as they snuggle their favorite blanket or lovey at night. 

Are comforters safe for babies to sleep with?

Comforters can help babies sleep. However, it’s best to remove the comforter from your baby’s crib once they are asleep. If your baby is struggling to calm down for bedtime or naptime, try one of our weighted sleep solutions. From sleep sacks to weighted blankets, our collection of sleep aid products help babies self soothe. At Dreamland, we offer a variety of weighted sleep solution products depending on the age of your baby. Our weighted products are designed to evenly distribute weight without restricting movement. Additionally, our products are soft-to-touch on your baby’s delicate skin and designed with safety as a top priority. All of our sleep aid products can help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Why is baby bedding important?

Safety comes above all else,  but we’ve covered much of that already. Your baby’s bedding can be oh-so important to a peaceful night’s sleep for many other reasons as well: 

  • Comfort: This one may be obvious, but comfortable bedding can make all the difference in the world when it comes time to get cozy. Soft and luxurious materials can promote better sleep. Our bamboo crib sheets, weighted blankets, and other products are buttery soft for your baby’s delicate skin. Our products can help silently lull your baby to sleep and wake up feeling rested. 
  • Sleep routine: If you haven't noticed already, most babies are pretty keen on sleep cues. Whatever your bed time routine consists of, it signals to your baby that it is time to go to sleep. Even as an adult, being tucked in with a nice comfortable blanket is a sure fire way to bring on the yawns. 
  • Fosters independence: Older babies, and toddlers especially, love to feel independent. The introduction of age-appropriate bedding can bring that feeling of independence as they transition to their “big-kid” sleep space. 

What bedding is best for babies?

Here are some baby-friendly bedding essentials for babies:

  • Mattress protector: This waterproof sheet can go underneath your baby’s normal crib sheet as a protective layer, shielding their mattress from leaky diapers and other fluids. 
  • Ultra soft crib sheets: For the best night sleep for your baby, try our Dream Fitted Crib Sheets crafted with breathable 100% organic cotton or our Bamboo Fitted Crib Sheets made with our proprietary LuxeWeave™ fabric. 
  • Sleep sacks and swaddles: Sleep sacks, like our Dream Weighted Sleep Sack, are appropriate and safe for all stages of infanthood, even newborns. Swaddles, such as our Dream Weighted Swaddle, are safe until your baby begins to roll over. Both are user-friendly (because we know you’re tired) and proven to help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 


Dreamland baby has everything your baby needs for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep. We know that you put your baby’s safety first, rest assured that we do too. Our products were designed in partnership with Pediatricians, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurses and Certified Sleep Consultants and have been reviewed by Pulmonologists. We have tried and true sleep solutions for every stage of infanthood, from newborn to toddler with gently weighted sleep sacks, swaddles, transitional swaddles, and blankets that stimulate deep touch stimulation. This phenomenon decreases stress and increases relaxation, so your baby can get the best sleep ever. In turn, you can too. 

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