Baby's First Winter: Keeping Your Child Safe And Healthy During The Cold Months

Baby's First Winter: Keeping Your Child Safe And Healthy During The Cold Months

Caring for a baby during the winter season can be a challenge since it's when young children, particularly newborn babies, are susceptible to various illnesses such as the common cold. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, babies can get colds up to 10 times a year before they turn 2 years old. They're also more likely to get the sniffles during the fall and winter season. Apart from colds, your baby may also get a fever, flu, or stomach flu in winter. This is why it's essential to find ways to keep your child warm, healthy, and safe once the temperature drops. Here's how to protect your child from common illnesses during their first winter.

Learn How To Reduce Newborn Colds for Your Baby

Bundle Up the Right Way

Babies lose body heat faster than adults, and the heat escapes through their head and feet. For this reason, it's important to keep them warm at all times in winter. Dress your little one in layers, and the first layer should be made of 100% cotton, such as Dreamland Baby's Dream Pajamas, to avoid irritating your baby's delicate skin. The next layer should be made of a warm material like microfleece. For sleeping, remove the microfleece sweater and let your child wear a Dream Weighted Sleep Sack, which can help them fall asleep faster on cold winter nights.  Meanwhile, if you're leaving the house, add another layer that can protect your child from water and wind. Don't forget to cover your baby's head with a knit cap, and let them wear booties and mittens to keep their hands and feet warm.   

Get Rid of Safety Hazards

Winter can pose several safety hazards for families with young children. With more than 1 million Americans injured every winter due to falls on ice and snow, it's possible that a parent who's out and about with a baby can also get badly injured. This is why commercial space owners and property managers take steps to remove ice and snow from their premises, such as clearing early in the day and using snow blowers to get rid of snow on rooftops.

Meanwhile, parents can ensure that their home is safe for their babies by clearing driveways and walkways of ice and snow. It's also important to immediately mop up any wet spots on floors, fix cracks on doors and windows, and check to see if the HVAC system is in good working condition. Doing so can keep the whole family safe and warm.

Practice Good Hygiene

Sickness-causing germs and viruses can spread during the winter season, so it's crucial to practice good hygiene to keep your baby healthy. Always wash their feeding bottles and toys, and clean your baby's hands too. Anyone who has to hold or feed the baby should also make sure to clean and disinfect their hands before doing so. Make it a point to steer clear of crowded places to reduce the risks of colds and other airborne diseases.  

Your baby's first winter can be a magical time for your entire family, but keeping your child safe, warm, and healthy should be a priority during the cold months. Consider these tips to protect your little one so you can have a happy and enjoyable winter.


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