Toddler Pajama Sizing

Toddler Pajama Sizing

As parents, we always strive to do everything in our power to ensure that our little ones get the best of everything, sleep included. Good sleep can be heavily influenced by comfort and surroundings. As your not-so-little baby outgrows zippies or onesies and moves on to two-piece pajamas, you find yourself in a whole new world of sleepy-time ensembles. Plus, they may be expressing their own preferences, which can complicate things while making them more fun all at once. Ensuring your toddler has comfortable pajamas that fit just right is important, and most importantly, they love and want to wear is key.  

Keep reading to learn all about toddler pajamas, including when to make the transition to two pieces,  how to check for the best fit, and how many pairs you actually need.

What size pajamas do toddlers wear?

Toddlers come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily, so do toddler pajamas! In order to get the best fit for your tiny tot, it's always wise to refer to a size chart. If you know your child’s approximate height and weight, finding the right size toddler pajamas can be a piece of cake. If your child falls in between sizes, you may get the best bang for your buck by sizing up. That way, the pajamas will fit your toddler for a longer time. 

What sizes are offered for toddler pajamas?

Pajamas designed for toddlers typically range from sizes 2t-5t, but can come in smaller or larger sizes depending on the brand. Our two-piece Toddler Bamboo Pajamas come in sizes 2t, 3t, 4t, and 5t. This broad range generally fits toddlers between 27-42 pounds and 33-43 inches. If your child is outside of those ranges, don’t worry! With sizing available from 0-3 months all the way through a child’s 10, we have comfortable pajamas for them, too. 

What are the measurements of a typical 2-year-old?

Aside from the fact that all children grow at different paces, all toddlers can do a lot of growing from 24 months to 36 months. That said, average measurements of a “typical” two-year-old can vary widely. 

Additionally, statistics say that boys are typically slightly larger than girls. The average weight for two-year-old girls typically falls between 31.5 to 36 pounds, while two-year-old boys generally weigh between 32 to 37 pounds. The average height for both genders falls between 22-34 pounds. 

With an average weight gain of 4-6 pounds a year and growth of 2-3 inches per year, it is possible for your two-year-old to start off in a 2t and up in a 4t before their third birthday. It is also important to consider your child’s individual growth patterns when shopping for pajamas with longevity in mind. 

Should I size up in toddler pajamas?

While we always want our children’s clothing to last as long as possible, pajamas that are too small can be uncomfortable. Pajamas that fit properly are not only much more comfortable, but safer too. Tightly fitting pajamas can restrict movement and circulation. Knowing that, it may be tempting to size up toddler pajamas to a size that has a lot of room to grow, but pajamas that are too large can cause issues too such as entanglement or tripping hazards. You should always aim for the “Goldilocks” of pajama sizing, not too small and not too big - just right! The only time you should “size up” in toddler pajamas is if your child is between sizes or if you are saving for future wear. 

When can kids wear 2 piece pajamas?

Kids can wear 2 piece pajamas whenever they fit. This is a milestone that many toddlers reach right around their second birthday. This switch, however, may happen before or after, depending on your toddler’s height and weight as well as preferences. Many parents opt to keep their children in zippered pajamas until they absolutely do not fit anymore. Zippered or one-piece pajamas often feature footies or hand covers to keep little fingers and toes warm during sleep. Having one piece of clothing can just be easier at times. Our Baby Bamboo Pajamas come with revolutionary fold-over DreamCuffs, leaving the option to cover or expose those cute little digits. 

While the option can help you make the transition, eventually, you’ll likely end up in 2-piece toddler pajamas such as our Toddler Bamboo Pajamas, starting at a 2t. Many diaper-change-experts (that’s you) prefer the ease of a simple pull of the pants to get nighttime diapers changed in a jiffy. Knowing when to make the switch to two-piece toddler pajamas is all about your preference and what makes your toddler comfortable. 

How many pairs of pajamas does a toddler need?

It’s no secret that toddlers are messy. Having extra pajamas in rotation can help cut back on the frequency of laundry loads as well as spare your sanity (a bit). Too many pairs, however, can be a burden to squeeze into those tiny nursery dresser drawers. The sweet spot may fall somewhere between 5-10 pairs of pajamas depending on how often you do laundry as well as how often your toddler typically needs a wardrobe change. (Some kids are messier than others; what can we say?) Ultimately, determining how many pairs of toddler pajamas your family should keep on hand is, again, based on individual preferences.


The transition between baby pajamas and toddler pajamas is a huge milestone. There’s no doubt that seeing your not-so-little baby in a more mature pajama body style will tug on the heartstrings. Hopefully, you feel more confident in making the transition now that we have run through the basics. 

With sizing information down, finding the best pajamas for your toddler won’t cost you any sleep when you shop Dreamland Baby. Our moisture-wicking and breathable buttery-soft viscose from bamboo fabric makes the perfect toddler pajamas for year-round comfort. Our proprietary LuxeWeave™ material is stretchy to safely grow with your child, ensuring longevity without the risks of ill-fitting pajamas. Your toddler can wear these alone or with some of our Weighted Sleep Solutions. At Dreamland, we love sleep, and want babies and parents to get more of it. Shop our collection of products that promote a longer, better night’s sleep today. 

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