Doctor Approved
CoverCalm™ Technology
Safety Certified

Our Dreamland Swaddles & Blankets help

  • Reduce Stress
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Increase relaxation 
  • Increase melatonin & serotonin
  • Provide a sense of security and comfort

Extremely Satisfied!

"Ever since we’ve been using the weighted sack, my baby has been sleeping 12 hours through the night! We love it and the quality is unbelievable!"
-Jean B.

A Life & Sanity Saver

"This has worked wonders for our little girl! She falls right to sleep once we put it on, and sleeps a good 8-10 hours a night! Before using, she would only sleep in 4 hour increments."
-Abigail M.

It works like magic!

"We absolutely love this blanket! It helps our little one fall asleep so quickly and more importantly STAY asleep!"
-Gina K.

The Difference Is In the Details

Our Weighted Sleep Sacks and Blanket are the only sleep solutions to feature CoverCalm™ Technology, ensuing evenly distributed weight from shoulder to toe. This even weight distribution is what sets us apart and harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation: increasing serotonin & melatonin while decreasing cortisol. So what does that mean for you? A happy, relaxed, sleeping baby! 

Our Safe Sleep Promise 

Our Dream Weighted Sleep Sacks and Blanket were designed in collaboration with with Pediatricians, Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) nurses and Certified Sleep Consultants and  reviewed by Pulmonologists. They have passed all safety testing and additional non-required testing, so you can rest assured that they're safe, secure and effective!