What Size Is Toddler Bedding?

What Size Is Toddler Bedding?

Making the transition from a crib to a toddler bed is a monumental milestone. As with any other milestone, this may open the door to questions surrounding that change. Your not-so-little baby is graduating into toddlerhood - do they need new bedding? Sizes, fabrics, and safety considerations are common topics when it comes to toddler sheets, blankets, and comforters. 

Ensuring the safety and comfort of your tiny tot can be a lot of pressure, but drawing on expert advice from experienced mom friends, family, and that of the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), can help with decision-making while navigating this new milestone. 

Keep reading to learn more about toddler beds, what kind of bedding may be best, and more. 

Toddler Bed Sizing:

Toddler beds often have the same dimensions as a crib. In fact, many cribs allow for the possibility of converting from crib to toddler bed with the removal of a front panel - but always check the manual for your baby’s crib before removing parts. 

A standard toddler mattress is 28 inches x 52 inches, although some brands vary slightly. This is just enough room for your toddler to stretch comfortably. It is important to note that just as mattress sizes can vary slightly, bed frame sizes can as well. Check specifications for both the intended mattress and frame before making the transition to ensure a nice and snug fit with no gaps. 

​​What kind of bedding is best for a 2-year-old?

When choosing bedding for your toddler’s new sleep space, there are some things to consider. If your “big kid” is 2, they may safely sleep with a blanket. The AAP recommends that infants under the age of 1 sleep without any blankets, pillows, bumpers, or any other soft items in their sleep space. While they do not specify exactly when it is safe to introduce those things, most professionals agree that it is safe to give your two-year-old a pillow and blanket provided that they are in a toddler bed and not a crib. This is because a blanket or pillow can get stuck between your little one and the sidewalls, posing suffocation risks. To choose the best bedding, look for breathable fabrics such as cotton or bamboo for both their blanket and sheets. For the best-fitted sheets, check out our Dream Fitted Crib Sheets and our Bamboo Fitted Crib Sheets.  

When should I switch to toddler bedding?

Making the switch to toddler bedding can happen as soon as your little one transitions to their new toddler bed. Comfort items, such as soft blankets, may even help ease that transition. If there are struggles or hesitations when transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed, your child may enjoy picking out colors or prints for their new big kid bed. Most toddlers welcome independence, and they may sleep easier if they love their sleep space. 

Is toddler bedding the same size as crib bedding?

Toddler bedding is the same size as crib bedding. The differences aren’t in size, but in when it is safe. For the safest sleep, there should never be bedding within the four walls of a crib when your baby is sleeping or unsupervised. That said, toddler bedding should fit a toddler-sized mattress well and be appropriate in weight and breathability for your child. For reference, our Dream Weighted Toddler Blanket measures 36”x48” - the perfect size for a toddler bed. 

What size is a toddler bed comforter?

While sizing is fairly standard for comforters marketed for toddlers, there may be variations between brands. On average, toddler bed comforters fall somewhere around 35”-40” in width and 46”-60” in length. This size leaves enough room for tiny humans to snuggle under comfortably without being overwhelmed by bunches of excess fabric. 

Can my 2-year-old sleep with a comforter?

Since comforters are a no-go before 12 months, and ideally not until after 18 months, your 2-year-old can sleep with a comforter. It is important to consider the fabric makeup of your 2-year-old’s comforter with safety, softness, and breathability in mind. While SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) risks are very low by the age of two, overheating is still considered a factor. Picking a fabric that is not too heavy or warm for the climate is essential. Our Weighted Blanket can offer toddlers a sense of security similar to a comforter, with a 4-lb weight built-in to naturally reduce anxiety. Made with cozy micro-fleece on one side and a Minky cooling material on the other, our Weighted Blanket promotes a good night’s sleep for toddlers. 

Here are some fabrics you may want to avoid for a 2-year-old’s bedding: 

  • Polyester: Polyester is formed with tightly woven dense material, leaving no room for proper breathability. 
  • Velour: Besides being difficult to clean properly, velour may trap dust and allergens into its fibers - making it less suitable for a 2-year-old’s bedding. 
  • Faux fur: Faux fur blankets often shed, which in the worst cases, can pose a choking hazard. 
  • Wool: Wool may be sufficient in very cold climates, but some may not prefer it. In addition to being overly warm at times, it also may be too rough to keep your two-year-old comfortable. 

Here are fabrics that are perfect for your 2-year-old’s bedding:

  • Cotton: Cotton is soft, durable, breathable, and versatile - making it perfect for 2-year-old’s bedding. 
  • Bamboo: Bamboo is extremely breathable and has thermal regulating capabilities, keeping your two-year-old comfortable all night long. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and has miraculous antibacterial properties. 

Can a toddler sleep with a weighted blanket?

Toddlers may sleep with weighted blankets if they meet age, weight, or other requirements specific to the manufacturer. For example, our 4 lb. Dream Weighted Toddler Blanket is safe for toddlers over the age of 3 who are at least 30 lbs. 


The transition from infancy to toddlerhood can be filled with loads of questions and concerns but also so much joy. Keeping the above information in mind when transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed can make the switch a breeze. Save the chaos for other milestones - like potty training. 

Dreamland has your child’s sleep essentials covered from infancy to toddlerhood - and beyond. Shop online today!

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In June 2022, the AAP updated its sleep guidelines and is currently not recommending weighted sleep solutions. You can read the full report here. Please note that this is not a recall. Dreamland Baby is in ongoing dialogue with the AAP regarding its stance on weighted sleepwear and hopes it will result in the statement being retracted.