What Size Swaddle Do I Need? Baby Swaddle Sizes

Swaddling typically begins in the hospital when baby is wrapped up nice and tight to help keep her calm, soothed and remind her of what it was like inside the womb where she was the perfect temperature in ideal conditions! The first few months of life are often referred to as the fourth trimester, which is when baby is learning to adjust to life outside of the womb. This tight, wrapped up feeling that swaddling provides helps to calm a crying baby and is helpful in getting her to sleep better. But with so many kinds of baby blankets on the market, baby swaddle size can be confusing. We try to unwrap things for you here:

Why is swaddle sizing important?

The size of your baby swaddle blanket is important because you don’t want it to be too small, or too large. Swaddle sized too large could mean it’s too loose which could be a risk for suffocation. Too small means too tight which translates to uncomfortable. If you can fit two fingers between the blanket and baby’s chest, the swaddle is sized correctly.

Does the size of the blanket matter when swaddling?

Some parents master the art of swaddling early on and can use any kind of blanket, no matter the size. But a lot more parents take a minute to get used to swaddling and the variety of benefits that swaddling provides. The good news is that most baby swaddles come with instructions on the packaging, website or both. Be sure to familiarize yourself with how to wrap baby properly and practice before baby even needs it. That will help to keep things calm and measured in the moment… and practice always helps.

How do I choose the right swaddle size?

If you’re asking yourself, what size swaddle do I need? you’re not alone. With so many options available when it comes to your baby, things can get confusing. With swaddle blanket size, there tends to be two: 40x40 inches and also 48x48 inches. Depending on the size/weight of your baby, buy accordingly. However, you always want to make sure that the swaddle blanket is large enough to properly swaddle your baby. A little bit larger size blanket will give you more material to work with which some parents and baby caregivers find easier to manage. Most brands and manufacturers will have a swaddle blanket size chart – make sure you look at it closely to determine which size will work best for your baby.

How do you know if a swaddle is too small?

The swaddle blanket is too small if you can’t fit two of your fingers comfortably between the blanket and baby’s chest.

Can a swaddle be too big?

A swaddle can be too big when there’s just too much material to work with. This could mean that there are loose pieces of fabric and/or baby seems lost in the swaddle as opposed to comforted by it. Be sure to check manufacturer’s sizing, most will offer a size guide to make sure you’re buying the correct size for your little one.

What size is a typical newborn swaddle?

Most babies leave the hospital as little burrito sized bundles! Those hospital blankets are a hit and fairly recognizable anywhere you go. Hospital baby swaddle blanket size isn’t the norm. While hospital blankets are usually thin and made up of soft flannel cotton, they measure 30x40 inches which is a more common size for multi-use blankets as opposed to swaddle blankets which tend to come in sizes 40x40 and 48x48.

What size is a typical toddler swaddle?

Most pediatricians recommend that once baby can roll over on their own, which for some babies can start as early as 2 months, but usually between 4-6 months, they should no longer be in the swaddle. That’s because they won’t be able to clear their airway on their own if the swaddle blanket covers their nose or mouth. This being said, it’s unlikely and actually unsafe, for a toddler to wear a swaddle.

When it’s time to transition from the swaddle (ie: baby is rolling over on their own, prefers sleeping with one or both arms out of the swaddle) it’s a great idea to introduce a wearable blanket, also known as a sleep sack. Like a swaddle, sleep sacks help regulate a baby’s body temperature so there’s no need for any additional blankets in the crib, which is what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for safe sleep. Many toddlers love wearing their sleep sacks, also known as a “sleeping bag for baby.”

How does Dreamland swaddle sizing work? What Size Do I Need?

The Dreamland weighted swaddle is made from soft, breathable, 100% cotton and is meant to keep your baby at the optimal temperature. Designed for newborn through 6 months, the built-in swaddle band simplifies swaddling and it can be worn with both arms in, one arm in/one arm out, or both arms out. Our Dream Swaddle is the perfect way to help your newborn feel calm, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The weighted swaddle features gentle, evenly distributed weight from your baby's shoulders to toes which naturally reduces stress and increases relaxation meaning a good night’s sleep for everyone.

Use our “Size Finder Quiz” to find just the right size for your baby to wear!

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