Can I Swaddle My Baby In The Crib?

A lot of parents ask is it ok to swaddle my baby in the crib and the answer is yes… as long as it’s done properly. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the safest way for baby to sleep is with no extra anything in baby’s sleep space. That means no blankets, no extra beddings, and no stuffed toys, all of which could cause potential risk of suffocation.  Because swaddling helps to regulate baby’s temperature, it’s a great way to ensure that baby is more than just comfortable, but safe, too. Keep reading for FAQs like can my baby sleep swaddled and more below:

Can I swaddle my baby in the crib?

Yes, you can swaddle your baby in the crib as long as they are young enough (usually no older than 2 months) and won’t roll over on their own. Rolling over when swaddled can be a risk of suffocation if baby is unable to roll back over on his own and/or the swaddling becomes loose, and the fabric ends up covering his mouth and nose.

Swaddling is a safe choice for crib sleep because according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, swaddling eliminates the need for any extra bedding in baby’s sleep space. Swaddling also helps regulate your baby’s body temperature so there is no need for extra blankets which can become potentially hazardous.

When is it safe to put a swaddled baby in the crib?

It’s safe to put a swaddled baby in the crib as long as he is swaddled properly and isn’t rolling over on his own.  Keep in mind that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that no loose blankets or bedding should ever be in the crib with your baby. If the swaddling becomes unwrapped this can put your baby at risk of suffocation.

When should you avoid swaddling a baby in a crib?

Once your little one can roll over on his own – typically at around 2 months although every baby is different - it’s a good idea to stop swaddling and introduce a sleep sack. Like swaddling, a sleep sack helps to regulate body temperature and eliminates the need for any extra blankets in the crib.

For parents and their babies who don’t take to swaddling easily, the Dreamland Weighted Swaddle Sack takes the guesswork out of swaddling. It can be worn three ways, both arms in, one arm in, or both arms out, to adapt to your baby's changing sleep needs. The gentle, evenly distributed weight naturally reduces stress and increases relaxation which helps your baby feel calm, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

How should you prepare the crib for a swaddled baby?

According to the Safe Sleep Academy website, the following rules for swaddling should be followed:

  • Make sure the swaddling is snugly wrapped around the baby so the blanket does not loosen during the night. Remember, no loose blankets or bedding are ever allowed in the crib with your baby. If the swaddling becomes unwrapped this puts your baby at risk of suffocation.
  • However, the swaddle should not be so tight that the baby cannot breathe, or move his or her hips.
  • Make sure you are placing your baby on their back, in a crib, after being swaddled. Studies have shown swaddling your baby and placing them on their side or stomach, will double their risk of SIDS.

REMEMBER: Babies do not need to be swaddled all day, just when fussy and sleep time.

Is it okay to swaddle a baby in the crib during the day?

All babies need time outside of the swaddle to stretch, move and take in the world around them, with all of their senses available. So make sure that you give your newborn plenty of time outside of the swaddle, every day, to develop his motor skills and mobility. After around four weeks, consider swaddling your baby just for naps and nighttime sleep.  

Can you swaddle a baby in a crib overnight?

Swaddling baby overnight helps baby not just get his zzz’s, but his parents, too. That’s because swaddling helps to soothe a baby’s moro reflex. Also known as the “startle reflex” – it gives the baby the sensation of falling, sometimes causing his arms and legs to stretch and pull, potentially waking him from sleep. When swaddled properly, it helps soothe a fussy baby and helps him sleep for longer stretches of time.

Tips on the best places to swaddle your baby:

With baby doing so much growing and developing in those first few weeks of life, swaddling is a great way to help soothe him and help him sleep. Swaddling mimics what it felt like inside the womb where baby was warm and comfortable and got all of his needs met effortlessly! It’s important that baby gets his rest so that he grows and develops and gets used to life outside of the womb. Always place baby on his back for all sleep, all the time, whether he’s dressed in a swaddle or sleep sack and sleeps in a co-sleeper, bassinet or crib. This will help reduce the risks of SIDS.

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