The Standard Weighted Sleep Sack vs. The Bamboo Weighted Sleep Sack

The Standard Weighted Sleep Sack vs. The Bamboo Weighted Sleep Sack

If you're like most parents, you’re all too familiar with the struggles that can come with your baby’s sleep habits. While waking through the night can be developmentally normal, if your baby is waking excessively, you may be desperate for a solution. Keep reading to explore why sleep sacks are a game-changer in the sleep game, and learn about the fabrics that Dreamland Baby has to offer. 

What is the difference between the standard weighted sleep sack and the bamboo weighted sleep sack? 

When it comes to differences between the materials we offer for our sleep sacks, rest assured, you and your baby will love both our cotton and our bamboo viscose options. Our standard Dream Weighted Sleep Sack comes a 1.0 TOG so that your baby can stay comfortable all year long, no matter the temperature. 

The main difference between our cotton and bamboo sleep sacks is going to be the feel of the product itself, as they’re both designed with the same intentional features. Bamboo from viscose is a naturally stretchy fabric, so you might notice our Bamboo Weighted Sleep Sacks have a little more “give” than their cotton counterpart. 

Both our standard Dream Weighted Sleep Sack and Bamboo Weighted Sleep Sack highlight the following features. . .

  • Tagless design to avoid irritation
  • Reversible necklines for both back and tummy sleepers
  • Two-way zippers for easy diaper changes
  • Okeo-Tek certified (which means no toxic or harmful materials or substances are ever used in the production of our sleep sacks)
  • Both cotton and bamboo sleep sacks, range in size between 0-36 months

What makes cotton a great fabric for sleep sacks? 

Our standard Dream Weighted Sleep Sack is made from 100% natural soft cotton. Cotton is a great fabric for sleep sacks because of its temperature-regulating properties. Not only is 100% natural cotton soft like a cloud, but it also keeps them from being too cold or too hot and makes their sleep just right! 100% natural cotton is also moisture-absorbing and hypoallergenic. Our dreamy cotton sleep sacks come in 1.0 TOG which is perfect for 68-73°F (21-23°C) or 2.5 TOG which is perfect for 61 to 68 °F (16 to 20 °C). 

Why is bamboo fabric a perfect material for sleep sacks?

Bamboo, much like cotton, is a dreamy sleep sack material because of its thermal regulating properties. 

Bamboo can actually wick moisture away from your baby’s delicate skin, which can be helpful if you have a sweaty baby or even a diaper leak. Also similar to cotton, bamboo is extremely breathable. Since overheating can contribute to SIDS incidents, viscose from bamboo fabric can help keep your baby safe throughout the night even with fluctuating ambient temperatures. Aside from the many benefits viscose from bamboo has to offer your baby, it’s actually eco-friendly to produce as well. Our buttery soft sleep sacks of viscose from bamboo material are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. What’s not to love?

Why are weighted sleep sacks worth it?

If you’re still wondering if weighted sleep sacks are worth it, consider how important sleep is for your growing baby. Sleep is crucial for anyone, but particularly babies. Sleep supports their growth, development, and cognitive abilities while also helping babies regulate their emotions (not much different from adults). Establishing healthy sleep habits while your little one is a baby can have long-term benefits for their overall health and well-being. 

Sleep is not only important for your growing baby but for you as well! We can’t possibly be the best version of ourselves if our sleep tanks are constantly running on fumes - and we all know that if the baby isn’t sleeping, no one is sleeping.

What is the purpose of a weighted sleep sack?

If you think about it, a newborn baby has spent the past 10 months bundled up snugly in utero. 

As soon as they're born, they're thrust (almost literally) into our big, wide world. A weighted sleep sack carries that womb-like coziness with them into their Earthside sleep. A weighted sleep sack offers many of the same benefits as swaddling your baby does, but sleep sacks are safe for your baby before and after they begin to roll over - unlike swaddling. 

Dreamland’s weighted sleep sacks are designed to incorporate our patented CoverCalm® Technology to provide an even distribution of gentle weight from shoulders to toes and activate Deep Touch Stimulation. The gentle, evenly distributed weight in our sleep sacks naturally promotes both serotonin and melatonin production which reduces stress and improves relaxation. As a result, your little one can fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

Why choose Dreamland for weighted sleep sacks?

When it comes to any products for your baby, your top priority is safety. You can count on Dreamland Baby to hold those same values. Not only have we gone above and beyond any minimum standards that are set by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, we have also volunteered to do our own set of safety testing as well for that extra peace of mind. 

Founded by a mother of four, Dreamland Baby understands how precious your little one is, and every product is designed with that in mind. Our products were designed in close partnership with Pediatricians, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurses, and Certified Sleep Consultants and have been reviewed by Pulmonologists. 


Whichever fabric you choose for your little one’s sleep sack, know that Dreamland Baby has put every effort into making sure your baby - and you - get the best sleep possible.

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