Our Must-Have Registry Items

Our Must-Have Registry Items

Top Picks for Your Baby Registry

Creating a baby registry can be one of the most exciting times for new parents. With so many baby products on the market, you may be wondering what necessities you should be preparing to add to your registry. Registry lists are a great way to take the guesswork out of gifting for your loved ones, who will surely want to celebrate you and your baby.

One of the best gifts any parent could ask for is the gift of sound sleep. There are a few products that every parent should add to the list to help get the sleep that their family needs. Keep reading below for the must have baby registry items you won’t want to forget.

What registry items are necessary?

Weighted Swaddle

Dreamland’s gently weighted swaddle is designed to help babies and their parents sleep soundly. Using the built-in swaddle band, you can safely swaddle your baby three different ways: both arms in, one arm in, or both arms out. As you adapt to your baby’s sleeping needs, our weighted swaddle has you covered. Our CoverCalm Technology evenly distributes weight from your baby’s shoulders to toes, which helps to reduce stress and increase relaxation. This state of calmness will help your newborn fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, 0-6 months

Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, 0-6 months

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Sleep Sack

Much like the weighted swaddle, Dreamland’s sleep sack uses the same CoverCalm Technology that will leave your baby feeling secure, comfortable, and as if they are wrapped in a hug. The sleep sack will not restrict movement, which means your baby can safely sit, roll, or stand in their sleep sack. Your baby will be on their way to dreamland in no time in their comfy, and cute, Dreamland sleep sack.

Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, 0-6 months

Dream Weighted Sleep Sack

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Transition Swaddle

Once your baby is ready to transition out of a swaddle, the Transition Swaddle is perfect to help your baby safely transition to arms-out sleep. You will know it is time to transition once your baby starts rolling over or even busting out of their swaddle. The transition swaddle was designed with the weighted arms helping with what is known as Moro (or startle reflex). This means your baby still has the freedom to move their arms and roll over, while reducing the number of wake-ups that occur throughout the night. With the ability to help keep your baby from waking through the night, you also benefit from a better night’s sleep.

Dream Weighted Transition Swaddle

Dream Weighted Transition Swaddle

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Baby Bundles

Now that you know the benefit that both the weighted swaddle and sleep sack offer for different stages in your baby’s development, you are probably thinking you’d like them both. We agree, you will want both! Creating a Dreamland Baby Bundle is the perfect option to get multiple products and save on the cost. Whether you will be purchasing or someone else, the added savings is a huge bonus on top of the sleep you will be gaining!

Bundle & Save

Build a Bundle & Save

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Dreamland’s 100% cotton pajamas are the perfect pajamas to pair with your new weighted sleep products. Their two-way zipper makes diaper changes a breeze, and we can’t forget to mention that they are also absolutely adorable. Designs from Peter Rabbit, Rainbows, and more will have your baby looking and feeling ultra-snuggly for the sweetest dreams.

Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, 0-6 months

Dream Pajamas

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Crib Sheets

Fitted crib sheets are an important part of baby sleep safety. Dreamland’s 100% cotton crib sheets wrap snug around your baby’s crib mattress, providing them a safe and comfortable space to sleep. The crib sheets come in many designs that will coordinate perfectly with your sleep swaddle products. Safety is sure to provide any parent peace of mind, so be sure to add these safe sheet options to your baby registry list.

Dream Fitted Crib Sheets

Dream Fitted Crib Sheets

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More Must-Have Baby Registry Items:


Cribs can be functional, affordable, and stylish while being a perfect place for your baby to get their much-needed rest. You can style your crib with our Dream Crib Sheets that pair perfectly with our sleep sacks and fit nice and snug around your baby’s mattress.

Crib Mattress & Pad

If you have a crib, you’ll definitely want to make sure you get a cozy, breathable, and washable crib mattress for your baby to sleep on.

Comfy Rocking Chair

Not only does the rocking chair make a cute addition to your baby’s nursery, but it can be a great spot for those late night feedings or rocking your baby to sleep. Make sure to find one that’s comfortable for you!

Changing Pad

A changing pad can provide a functional and comfortable place for your baby as you change diapers and outfits.

Diaper Pail

Your baby will go through thousands of diapers in their lifetime, and a diaper pail can be a great way to eliminate odor while still keeping your baby fresh and clean without having to take a trip outside to the garbage multiple times a day.

Diaper Bag

There are so many cute diaper bags on the market and they are a functional way to keep all of your baby’s supplies in one place. Be sure to look for bags that have the pockets and spaces you think you’ll utilize most.

Black Out Shades

Blackout shades or curtains can make all the difference when it comes to naptime. Blocking out the light will allow your little one to get longer, undisturbed naps while mimicking the serenity of the nighttime dark.


Want to check on your sleeping baby without accidentally waking them up? Baby monitors are a great tool to keep near the crib and functionally range from monitoring sound, to video, to vitals. A great way to soothe your potential worries.

Wipe Dispenser

Having a wipe dispenser keeps baby wipes fresh and makes it easier to grab with one hand while changing your baby. 


Pacifiers offer temporary soothing and distraction for your little one while learning to regulate their emotions. Not to mention, there are so many cute options out there!

Baby Bottles

Whether or not you breastfeed, most babies at some point will need to eat from a bottle. We recommend looking for bottles that most accurately mimic breastfeeding so that the adjustment isn’t too much for your baby.

Breast Milk Bags

If you’re pumping, you’ll definitely want to have breast milk bags on hand to store your breast milk supply. Some brands now make silicone breast milk bags that are washable and reusable!


Especially during the cold months, a humidifier can make a huge difference when it comes to helping your baby breathe easier and sleep better. 

We hope this gave you a few ideas to get your baby registry started and be sure to share with us which products you love the most. Happy registering!


Baby Registry FAQs:

What is a baby registry?

For expecting parents, a baby registry can be a wonderful way to compile all the items you will need for when your baby arrives. These items can be purchased by yourself, your family, and friends. Many expecting mothers use baby registry lists in preparation for a baby shower. Baby showers are a great way to celebrate mothers to be, where family and friends’ gift some of the baby items. A registry list is a fantastic way to ensure those gifts are guided by choices you’ve made and items that will be sure to be put to good use. Even if not being used for gifting purposes, a baby registry is a great way for parents to keep track of what they still need to purchase or make decisions on. For those that love a good to do list, a baby registry is a great way to stay organized.

How does a baby registry work?

Baby registries can be created through your favorite stores or websites. Popular sites like ‘Babylist’ allow you to add tons of products from any store. When creating a registry list, you simply search through the inventory of that site or store, decide what you’d like, add to your list, and send your friends the link or name of the list.

If a family member or loved one is throwing you a baby shower, be sure to give them the same link or site to include in the invitation. Friends and family will be thankful to have guidance when deciding on what to shower the mother and baby with. And trust us, people love to give gifts in this exciting time.

When should you start a registry?

Between researching products and picking favorite styles, creating a baby registry list can take some time. It’s not a bad idea to start early, giving you ample time to do your research! Creating a baby registry list is something that should be enjoyed and saving it to the last minute may add unnecessary stress. Start whenever feels right to you, but it is common to start as early as twelve weeks into your pregnancy. Once you have narrowed down your list to fit your preferences, you can then share it with your family or friends.


Baby registries for new parents are a great way to plan out and share with loved ones all of the things you’ll best utilize as a new parent. One of the biggest adjustments as a new parent is acclimating to very new and very different sleep schedules. To help achieve nights of sound sleep, there are a few items to include in your new parent baby registry list. Must have items for your list include Dreamland's weighted sleep products, comfortable crib sheets, and cozy pajamas. These products will make all the difference in helping both you and your little one sleep soundly. Add them to this list because spending less time awake at night is one of the best presents anyone could give – or that you give yourself. 

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