Dreamland Spotlight - The Michael Family

Dreamland Spotlight - The Michael Family

Hello, Dreamers!

Here at Dreamland Baby HQ, nothing makes us happier than to hear our customer’s feedback! That’s why we created  “Spotlight” to introduce you to “real” families who can share their unique experiences with our products. If you’d like to be profiled in an upcoming post, email us at [email protected]

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Meet the Michael Family!

Our family of three (plus two fur babies) lives in Springfield, IL. Our son, Gabriel, is 7.5 months old and he is our first and only child! My husband, Justin, is currently in his fourth year of his neurosurgical residency program. 

Our  Story

My husband and I had a “COVID” wedding ceremony in June of 2020, and we moved shortly after to Illinois to begin my husband’s surgical residency program (a 7-year-long journey). There are some expectations in residency. For example, it’s been said that the second year of residency is one of the most difficult and taxing years, so we had tried to “plan” to have a little one after that tough year. Getting pregnant wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but our prayers were answered, and I found out on my husband's birthday we were expecting our first baby.

Dreamland Baby Experience: 

My sisters and mother introduced me to Dreamland Baby. I had heard nothing but good things about a weighted sleep sack and was told this was the best. It definitely intrigued me and made sense when it came to having gentle “pressure” applied to your baby to make them feel like they are being held.

Recently, our family underwent a very stressful time. Gabriel had RSV and ended up being hospitalized. I was beside myself, and seeing my baby boy struggle for breath was the most helpless I had ever felt. My husband (my ROCK) was running all over town, getting us everything we needed. He told me to text him what I wanted him to bring from home. The FIRST item on the list was Gabe’s Dreamland sleep sack. I knew he needed it and was stressing about how he was going to sleep in a hospital room (my expectations were incredibly low). He didn’t make a peep the entire night… I was shocked. Not only that, a nurse told me she came in at midnight to check his vitals and she said he didn’t even wake. Knowing he slept so well made my mama heart feel so much more at ease. I KNOW for a fact if we had not had his sleep-sack, the night would not have gone as smoothly.

The Dreamland Difference

Before using the Dreamland sleep sack, we attempted to swaddle our son. I am terrible at swaddling (even those handy pre-made swaddles; that’s how unskilled I was/am). He would sleep for about 2 hours at a time, but the first night in the sleep sack, he slept 4 hours straight, and I woke up feeling like a new woman! It only got better from there.

We’re a Dreamland family because…

I love the quality of the products. They are so well-designed, and I also love the story behind them (I’m a big fan of Shark Tank). Let me put it to you this way: my son attends daycare, and we are so impressed with these products that for each age/stage, I always purchase two sleep-sacks: one for daycare and one for home so we never have to be without it, ever! My son is a great little sleeper, and I feel as though the times he might struggle to sleep (ex, illness, etc), the sleep sack provides the extra support he needs to stay asleep.

The quality, customer service, and our personal experiences with how it has helped our baby sleep are just a few reasons why I would highly recommend Dreamland products to my friends. Thank you so much for making such an outstanding product for families! 

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