Dreamland Spotlight - Meet Ashley & Ryan

Dreamland Spotlight - Meet Ashley & Ryan

Hello, Dreamers!

Here at Dreamland Baby HQ, nothing makes us happier than to hear our customer’s feedback! That’s why we created our “spotlight” to introduce you to “real” families who can share their unique experiences with our products. If you’d like to be profiled in an upcoming post, email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!


Ashley and Ryan

Meet Ashley, Ryan & Palmer!

My name is Ashley McAuliff, my boyfriend, Ryan Murphy, and I have a sweet little 4-month-old baby girl named Palmer. We are both full-time college students living as a new young family in Winter Park, Florida. Ryan is also a full-time college athlete playing baseball for Rollins College. Between balancing school, baseball practice/games, and taking care of Palmer, sleep is very important to us. Of course, having a baby in college is unexpected, but we have been showered with so much love and support from all of our friends and family. Having a baby was a love we never could have imagined, but being able to share that joy with each other as best friends is truly the biggest blessing anyone could ever wish for.

Our Dreamland Baby Story

Ryan was watching Shark Tank one night and saw the CEO of Dreamland talk about how there are no weighted blankets for babies on the market. Ironically, my cousin just recently had a baby as well and mentioned her son was sleeping long stretches after purchasing a Dreamland Weighted Sleep Sack, so, of course, I wanted to try it. I purchased your sleep sack and it has been amazing. Palmer loves to be held, so as soon as we wrapped her in her sack, she seemed to feel calm, as if we were hugging her. We noticed she had a calmness during bedtime as well as longer sleep times during nap time and bedtime. We were immediately obsessed.


The Dreamland Difference

When Palmer was born we did a lot of contact naps. She is our first baby, so we had heard doing contact naps is healthy for baby and helps build a connection. I think the amount of contact naps we did during the day led to her having a hard time sleeping in her bassinet at night. I breastfeed Palmer full-time, and with Ryan being gone for classes all day, then a long baseball practice, and just making it home in time for dinner some days I was struggling. With our busy schedule, nighttime and sleep was the only time I had to myself. Palmer would wake up every 2 hours to feed, and after using the sleep sack, we got almost 8-hour stretches. With nights going so well, it has made such a difference in how she naps during the day, giving me an opportunity to get school work done, work out, and accomplish the things I would not normally be able to accomplish being a new mom.

Since purchasing Dreamland Baby’s weighted sleep sack, we noticed a huge shift in her sleep pattern as well as the way she soothes herself to sleep at night, which has made a huge difference for all of us. It takes a huge weight off my shoulders (no pun intended!), not having to hear her struggle to fall asleep at night. She has been able to fall asleep peacefully on her own while wearing her sleep sack. 


When I recommend Dreamland Baby to a friend, I tell them ______________

It was the best decision I ever made! Not only does Dreamland give my family a good night's rest, but allows my family to be well rested to spend quality time together during the day. My mom is going to order one for her house so when Palmer comes over, she can sleep better at her house as well.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story with your customers. I have never felt so good about a baby product before, so if this could help any other new moms, that would make me so happy.

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In June 2022, the AAP updated its sleep guidelines and is currently not recommending weighted sleep solutions. You can read the full report here. Please note that this is not a recall. Dreamland Baby is in ongoing dialogue with the AAP regarding its stance on weighted sleepwear and hopes it will result in the statement being retracted.