Dreamland Spotlight - Deena & Chris Lee

Dreamland Spotlight - Deena & Chris Lee

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Here at Dreamland Baby HQ, nothing makes us happier than to hear our customer’s feedback! That’s why we created a new blog feature, Spotlight, to introduce you to “real” families who can share their unique experiences with our products. If you’d like to be profiled in an upcoming post, email us at [email protected]

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Meet Deena and Chris Lee 

My name is Deena Lee, and together with my husband, Chris, we joyfully parent three children: our 3-year-old, Abigail (Abby), and a set of fraternal twins, Theodore (Theo) and Eleanor (Ellie), now 9 months old. Our home is in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, specifically Renton, Washington, renowned as the coffee capital and notorious for the vibrant Pike Place market and the breathtaking Olympic Mountains. As we raise our three children, I have a full-time role at Microsoft Corp. and own a part-time wedding planning company called Buttercup Event Co. And as for Chris, he owns and operates his very own health insurance brokerage.


Our Story

After a year and a half as a family of three, Chris and I decided to expand our family. In June 2022, a positive pregnancy test confirmed our anticipation. A few weeks later, during our first ultrasound, we were in for a surprise. During the ultrasound, as the technician confirmed one baby in my womb, I noticed the presence of another amniotic sac. In a moment of realization, I exclaimed, "Is that another baby?" The ultrasound technician confirmed with a smile, "Yes, looks like you’re having twins!". We were ecstatic but of course nervous about what twin parenthood would be like. Before the ultrasound, Chris and I had casually entertained the idea of the excitement of having twins, even though we knew it was highly unlikely due to the absence of twins in my family history. However, upon discovering we were expecting fraternal twins, my parents delved into our family tree and unearthed the presence of twins on my mom's side. After 38 weeks of pregnancy, the twins were born naturally on Valentine’s Day only 7 minutes apart. Still until this day, I think about how amazing it is that I am a twin mom. 

Dreamland Baby Experience: 

Upon learning about my twin pregnancy, I diligently researched online and asked friends to equip myself with the optimal products for navigating the world of twins. My friends consistently recommended Dreamland Baby's Sleep Swaddle and Sleep Sack, and after encountering numerous positive reviews online, I was compelled to purchase Dreamland Baby’s products. Given the challenges I anticipated in sleep training twins, buying Dreamland Baby's Sleep Swaddles and Sleep Sacks was a no-brainer. After learning about the importance of sleep training twins early on, I knew I needed products that were effective. I heard that these products were high-quality sleep sacks that would promote good sleep. These products were one of the first products on my baby shower registry. I am so happy I discovered Dreamland Baby and their amazing products.

The Dreamland Difference

The twins were born smaller than 8 pounds and were not able to use the sleep swaddle until they met the conditions. Prior to using the sleep swaddle, the twins often woke up mid nap because of their startle reflex (any small sound would cause them to move their arms up which would wake them up). I knew they needed a swaddle that was strong enough to keep their arms in and to make them feel comfortable. Often, other sleep sacks/swaddles were too weak to keep their arms in. As soon as we started using Dreamland Baby’s sleep swaddle, the startle reflux stopped waking up the twins.   

We’re Dreamland Parents because…

Ever since we started using Dreamland Baby products, the twins have been sleeping 12 hours every night without any disruption since around 3 months of age. They wake up the next morning with big smiles on their faces. You can tell they have a very good night’s rest due to the Dreamland Baby sleep sacks. I imagined many sleepless nights as twin parents and I never believed that 2 babies, sharing the same room, would be sleeping 12-straight hours every night. I thought this would be impossible, and I truly thank Dreamland Baby for how it has changed the sleep game for us.

I highly recommend Dreamland Baby sleep swaddles and sleep sacks because they are made of high-quality materials. After many washes, the fabric is still in great condition. I love that the weight is evenly distributed, promoting safe sleep. The 2-way zipper is extremely convenient for diaper changes. And I love the different colors and patterns offered. I love to purchase Dreamland Baby products for all of my friends who are expecting.

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In June 2022, the AAP updated its sleep guidelines and is currently not recommending weighted sleep solutions. You can read the full report here. Please note that this is not a recall. Dreamland Baby is in ongoing dialogue with the AAP regarding its stance on weighted sleepwear and hopes it will result in the statement being retracted.