Dreamland Baby Customer Spotlight: Sam and Baby Swayzie

We love hearing from our Dreamland Baby customers. There is nothing that makes us happier than hearing how our Dreamland Weighted Sacks are helping your babies get the sleep they need (so that you can finally sleep, too!)

We recently caught up with Sam Hurst, mom to a darling 6-month-old baby girl named Swayzie. Swayzie first started out using the Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle at 2.5 months and has since transitioned to the Weighted Sack.

We're so excited to be able to share how Dreamland Baby has been a product this family couldn't live without for helping their little one sleep.

Give us a little background on your baby's sleep before using the Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle.

"Swayzie was premature, so in the NICU, they placed bean bags on her to help calm her nervous system and ease the transition from the womb. When we got home, her nervous system was still underdeveloped and she needed to be swaddled as much as possible to help her during that time. I made some DIY bean bags like the NICU to try and help her sleep at night (which helped!) but then when we discovered the Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack + Swaddle, it made getting her to sleep and helping her stay asleep even better! I felt safer using it and instead of beanbags just on her legs, she had the perfect amount of weight/pressure all over her body.

If you learn about premature babies, one of their biggest struggles is their premature/underdeveloped nervous systems which is targeted by the Dreamland Baby weighted sack."

How did you hear about Dreamland Baby and when did you start using our Weighted Swaddle?

"I saw your episode on Shark Tank and fell even more in love! I started doing research after that (because my husband actually sleeps with a weighted blanket) and couldn't wait to try it!"

If you missed Dreamland Baby on Shark Tank, you can see the full episode here, and read about creator Tara Williams' experience on the show in this post.

What makes you love Dreamland Baby so much?

"I love how:

  • easy it is to use
  • how effective it is at helping Swayzie sleep
  • pretty it is
  • easily washable it is

I also love that it has a swaddle that goes with it for ease because as soon as she was ready, it was much easier to transition her from sleeping with a swaddle to just the sleep sack."

Unfortunately Dreamland Baby wasn't yet available with Sam's first baby and she told us, "It was MUCH harder to transition my son when he was too old for swaddling."

Need tips on transitioning your baby from swaddle to sleep sack? It can be tricky! Read our post all about it here!

How has sleep improved in your household (for both your baby and the rest of the family) since using Dreamland Baby?

"This is a trick question! When the baby is sleeping good...EVERYONE is sleeping good and feeling much better!!!"

Before Sam left she just had to share this one last story:

"I also had a client (I do hair) tell me that since I posted about the sleep sack, she purchased one, too, because her baby boy WOULD NOT SLEEP and she was desperate to try anything! She said he immediately started sleeping better and didn't wake up for comfort throughout the night."

There is no better compliment to us than recommending our product to a friend or family member. That's when we truly know that Dreamland Baby has been working for you. 

We're also happy that Sam mentioned the safety of Dreamland Baby. When creator Tara Williams designed her first weighted sack, safety was at forefront. Not only is Dreamland Baby effective for calming your baby so they can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, but it's also been through rigorous testing to ensure is 100% safe to use with your baby. Anything you're wondering about Dreamland Baby can be answered in our post: Weighted Sack Safety and How It Will Help Your Baby Sleep.

Thank you so much, Sam, for sharing your Dreamland Baby experience with us and we can't wait to catch up on how Swayzie is doing in a few months!


Dreamland Baby supports non-profits through education, community building, and donations that share our safe sleep mission. If you’re interested in having Dream Weighted Swaddles available for use in your NICU, contact [email protected]
Learn More About Our NICU Hospital Incentive Here

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