Best Baby Pajamas for Sleep Sacks

Best Baby Pajamas for Sleep Sacks

Sleep Sack Pajamas at Dreamland Baby

Many parents know the benefit of a baby swaddle for newborns. Working just like a hug, a swaddle provides safety and comfort for a night of sound sleep. As your baby gets older, a swaddle no longer is safe as your baby develops and gains new abilities like being able to roll over onto their tummy. If you are looking for a non-restrictive option to keep your baby sleeping longer through the night, a sleep sack is the answer. 

Sleep sacks, like Dreamland’s Weighted Sleep Sack, are the perfect solution for keeping your baby blanket-free (yet still asleep) in their crib. Due to the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), no blankets or any loose items should ever be left in a crib. When used appropriately and sized correctly, a sleep sack can keep your baby warm and their crib free of loose items. 

So, what pajamas should your baby wear while snuggled in their sleep sack? Keep reading to find out what the best baby pajamas for sleep sacks are. We’ll give you a hint - they’re made by the team of baby sleeping savants at Dreamland.

Do babies wear pajamas under sleep sacks?

Babies can absolutely wear pajamas under their sleep sack, but it may not be necessary. When deciding what to dress your baby in, you’ll want to keep the temperature in mind to ensure they won’t get too hot or too cold. To avoid the risk of SIDS, you never want a baby to overheat while sleeping. Keep reading as we dive into some of the pajama options to keep your baby sleeping soundly, safely, and comfortably no matter the season. 

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What should a baby wear to sleep under a sleep sack?

As we have mentioned, what your baby wears under their sleep sack depends on the temperature. Using your best judgment and keeping an eye on your baby’s temperature, you will want to be sure your baby won’t be too hot or too cold while going to sleep for the night. When checking on a baby through nighttime or a nap, you can always take off or add a layer if they seem to be getting too hot or uncomfortable. You can check the back of your baby’s neck, chest, or tummy to gauge their temperature. If they are sweating, it is time to remove a layer. Remember not to check their hands and feet as those will often feel cooler than the rest of the body. Here are just a few ways you can dress your baby in various temperatures: 

  • For warmer temperatures: For those warmer summer or spring nights, a thin onesie or lightweight pajama may be the best option if choosing to dress your baby under their sleep sack. Don’t be afraid to go with the diaper-only option. If it's warm and your baby is comfortable, there is no harm in a diaper being the only thing under their sleep sack. 
  • For cooler weather: For colder times of the year,  you may choose to opt for some warmer pajamas or a footed onesie. Just one layer under a sleep sack may be enough to keep your baby warm.  Remember that the sleep sack will offer extra heat, so you won’t want to layer too much and risk your baby overheating. You can gauge how much warmth your sleep sack offers if it has a Thermal Overall Rating (TOG). Lower ratings mean they offer less heat, while higher ratings provide more warmth for your little one. Opting for a sleep sack with a 1.0 TOG rating, like Dreamland’s sleep sack, are the perfect option for using year-round. 

Looking for versatile pajamas that pair perfectly with sleep sacks and swaddles? Shop Dreamland Baby Pajamas for the perfect baby pajamas to pair with a weighted sleep sack. Featuring 100% breathable cotton, your baby can maintain a comfortable temperature all night long. 


Do sleep sacks go over pajamas?

Yes, sleep sacks are designed to be the outer layer for your baby’s nighttime or nap attire. We’ve covered some of the tips for dressing your baby appropriately for the temperature of the room. While it may seem tricky, soon dressing your baby for comfortable sleep will become second nature. Remember, usually the same number of layers that you would be comfortable to sleep in is good for your baby. Sometimes an extra layer is needed, but a sleep sack can cover that. Because Dreamland is committed to helping babies and parents sleep all around the world - we of course make some of the best pajamas too. For warm or cold weather, try our pajamas under your weighted sleep sack or swaddle for one less thing to worry about!

What is the difference between regular pajamas and pajamas for sleep sacks?

While any pajamas can be worn under a sleep sack, certain pajamas have been designed to make middle-of-the-night changes a bit easier. Dreamland’s 100 % baby cotton pajamas are the perfect pajamas to be worn under your baby’s weighted sleep sack.  The 2-way zipper makes for easy changing to minimally disrupt your sleepy little one. Dream pajamas are comfortable, cute, and designed to pair perfectly with Dreamland’s sleep sacks. What’s cuter than a sleeping baby in a matching pajama sleep sack set? 

Should babies wear sleep sack clothes?

As we have discussed, what your baby wears under their sleep sack will depend on a few factors, including the temperature. Certain pajamas, like the Dream pajamas, are designed to provide your baby with ultimate comfort, made from 100% cotton. Ultimately, what your baby wears under their sleep sack should keep them comfortable and safe in their sleep sack. This can mean ensuring your little one is in the right sized clothing so as to not have loose fabric in their crib. 


Sleep sacks can offer babies, and their parents, some much-needed sound sleep. Providing a feeling of security and warmth, sleep sacks can help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Dreamland’s Weighted Sleep Sack has taken sleep sacks to the next level with the addition of evenly distributed weight from your baby’s shoulders to toes. This evenly distributed weight naturally reduces stress and gives your baby the feeling of security and comfort - just like a hug. 

Sleep sacks are intended to be worn over your baby's pajamas, although pajamas sometimes aren’t necessary. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with just a diaper and a sleep sack for warm summer naps or sleep. When dressing your baby for sleep, comfort and safety for the temperature will be your main focus. Dreamland’s 100% breathable cotton Dream Pajamas can keep your baby safe and comfortable while looking cute as a button doing so.

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