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Dreamland Baby™ is a weighted blanket that baby can safely wear. Our products are designed to help baby relax, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. The gentle weight is evenly distributed from shoulder to toe, naturally reducing stress and increasing relaxation through deep touch stimulation.

Weighted blankets increase serotonin and melatonin, while decreasing cortisol. Through the power of deep pressure stimulation, baby feels calm and is able to sleep in longer stretches.

Our weighted sacks take the soothing, calming comforts of a regular sleep sack and give baby the sensation of being hugged.

The benefits of hugging and cuddling are well-established. When you're hugged, you feel more secure.

Dreamland Baby uses only the safest materials. The outer fabric is 100% soft, breathable cotton. Gentle on baby's delicate skin and cool to prevent over-heating. Our swaddle wing is cotton and with 7% elastic so it can be easily stretched around baby. The inner beads are non-toxic, non-recycled poly-pellet beads. This is the same material found in Beanie Babies® or other weighted toys on the market.

0-6 mo is indicated for infants 8 lbs and up (contains 0.8 lbs of beads)

6-12 mo is indicated for infants 15 lbs and up (contains 1.5 lbs of beads)

12-24 mo is indicated for infants 20lbs and up (contains 2.0 lbs of beads)

The 0-6 is 26'' shoulder to toe*

The 6-12 is 30'' shoulder to toe*

The 12-24 is 34'' shoulder to toe*

Remember when comparing to your infant's size these are shoulder to toe measurements, not head to toe. All sizes run true-to-size for each age range. If you are unsure which size to choose, go per your baby's weight before height.

Each size can shrink up to 1'' in the washing machine*

We do not recommend sizing up. Our products run true-to-size. For example, our medium (ages 6-12 months) will fit a baby who is 100% height/weight at 12 months. Although some babies weight may be high enough to fit into the next size up, if a portion of the weighted beads are below baby's feet, the product will not be as effective.

Reference our size chart below. We also have a size quiz on our homepage to help you choose the perfect product for your baby.

Although there is no way to prevent the 4 month sleep regression, there are techniques to manage your baby waking up more frequently in the night or taking shorter naps. This blog post provides tips on getting your baby through the 4 month sleep regression.  

Weighted Blanket:

Our Dream Weighted blanket is designed for ages 3+. It is not indicated for use in children under 30lbs. Your child must be able to remove the blanket independently.

Yes it can. For example, your adult sized blanket would not be appropriate for your child. Weighted blankets should be appropriately 10% of your child’s body weight