Why Do Sleep Sacks Work?

Why Do Sleep Sacks Work?

How Weighted Sleep Sacks Work & How Will They Help Your Baby Sleep?

If you’re the parent of a baby, there’s a pretty good chance you’re sleep-deprived and looking for solutions to help your child rest more soundly during the night. We get it, we’ve been there.

If you haven’t put your baby in a sleep sack, you’re going to want to add one to your nap- and bedtime repertoires asap.

Wearable blankets have a lot of benefits and they’re very easy to incorporate into your baby’s routine. But if you’re wondering why do sleep sacks work, we’ve got all the answers for you.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits, how long to use them, whether weighted sleep sacks work, and more. It’s time to kick your sleep deprivation to the curb and let everyone—babies and parents—sleep more soundly. 

What’s a sleep sack?

A sleep sack, also called a wearable blanket, is like a small sleeping bag for your baby or toddler. It’s extremely user-friendly, and you use it to keep your baby warm when she sleeps, as loose blankets in her crib are a sleeping hazard. Babies have their arms free and the rest of their body is nice and cozy inside the sleep sack.

They’re usually made with wool, cotton or fleece and they are easy to put on and take off, thanks to the zipper and snap closures. The zipper is ideal because it makes middle-of-the-night diaper changes extremely easy. 

What are the benefits of sleep sacks?

If you’ve ever asked yourself how do sleep sacks work and wondered why you should use one, there are lots of benefits.

Overheating is a serious concern for just about every parent as it poses a risk of sleep-related death to babies. During the night, you want to keep your baby warm but blankets can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Wearing a sleep sack helps kids maintain the right body temperature during the night and reduces the risk of SIDS by eliminating the need for blankets in the crib. Sleep sacks give parents peace of mind because they know that their child is warm at night, and they also decrease the risk of suffocation as a sleep sack cannot cover your baby’s face when she’s sleeping.

Additionally, there are thousands of crib-related injuries each year and putting your child to bed in a sleep sack can prevent her legs from getting stuck between the crib slats. 

Sleep sacks also give babies a similar sense of security like they had when they were in the womb.

Why do sleep sacks work?

Sleep sacks work because they provide peace of mind to parents and comfort to babies and toddlers. 

They keep babies warm during the night without posing any risks to their safety and they give them a cozy, womb-like feeling that can help them sleep soundly.  

Why do weighted sleep sacks work?

Before we talk about weighted sleep sacks, first let’s review the benefits of weighted blankets. 

Benefits of weighted blankets:

  • Help provide security and comfort
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Calm the nervous system, and
  • Improve sleep quality

Weighted sleep sacks are simply weighted blankets in sleep sack format and they provide all of the above benefits, and they are effective in helping babies sleep soundly for longer.

Do Dreamland weighted sleep sacks work?

Dreamland Baby’s weighted sacks are the leading weighted sleep sacks on the market, and if you’re wondering whether or not they work, you can listen to hundreds of happy customers.

Using a weighted sleep sack can also ease the transition from the womb for the smallest babies and help reduce the moro reflex, allowing your baby to sleep for longer periods. It also promotes self-soothing and decreases irritability.

Our sacks, which use CoverCalm™ Technology, are designed specifically to help babies fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and feel calm and relaxed. The deep-pressure stimulation helps babies feel comfortable and secure and the gentle weight is located on the front and top of the sack and is evenly distributed. The inner beads are non-toxic and BPA-free.

Also, parents need not worry as these sacks are safe for all babies, even those who are rolling over, as they do not restrict movement in any way and babies can still sit, stand and roll. The sacks were designed in collaboration with certified sleep consultants, NICU nurses, and pediatricians, and they have been approved by pediatric pulmonologists for breathing safety.

Do I need a sleep sack to help my baby sleep?

Sleep sacks are a great tool for helping your baby sleep, but you definitely don’t need one.  Just like a swaddle, some babies will like sleeping in a sleep sack and some babies won't; every child is different. You can give it a try and if your child doesn't like it you can go without.

There are plenty of other tools out there that you can use to help your baby sleep longer and more deeply.  From white noise machines to blackout curtains to baby hammocks, there's no shortage of products for you to try. Wearable blankets also help babies maintain the right temperature while sleeping without blankets, but you can always dress your baby warmly in footie pajamas or multiple layers, depending on the weather.

If you do decide to go the sleep sack route, you'll see that there are plenty of different models and styles. And if you prefer to skip the sack, your baby will still sleep.

When should my baby use a sleep sack?

Broadly speaking, you can start using a sleep sack with your newborn baby, as long as you use the right size. 

Alternatively, many babies switch to a sleep sack after transitioning out of the swaddle, when they are around 2 or 3 months old.

How long will sleep sacks work?

There’s no right or wrong time to stop using a sleep sack. It will provide benefits as long as you use it, and you can keep putting your child to sleep in a sleep sack until he or she doesn’t fit or no longer finds it comfortable. 

At some  point, your child may prefer to sleep with a blanket, and as long as she’s older than 1, it’s a safe option.

Time to try a sleep sack

There’s no shortage of products that claim to help your baby sleep through the night, and you could easily fill your nursery with baby shushers, rocking swings and white noise machines, but those are really hit or miss when it boils down to it. 

Wearable blankets, however, can work wonders for your baby and provide her with the perfect temperature, a cozy feeling, and safety all night long.

Weighted sleep sacks go above and beyond, providing deep-pressure stimulation that feels like a nice, warm hug for your child. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying them, and now that you understand why and how they work, you and your child just might get into a pattern of having a good night’s sleep. 

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