When Do You Start Showing?

When Do You Start Showing?

There are many wonderful milestones throughout a pregnancy journey - from the positive test, to feeling those first little flutters, to a growing bump. For many expecting moms, their growing bump is the most exciting milestone as this is the first truly tangible sign of life growing in utero. Other moms may hope that the bump holds off as they keep their pregnancy a sweet secret for a little bit longer. So, when do pregnant women start to show? Keep reading as we dive into all things bump-related, including when that bump is truly bumping - and when it may just be gas. Ah, the joys of pregnancy. 

When do you start showing when pregnant?

The timing of that true baby bump varies from mom to mom. For most women, their bump becomes noticeable to others during the second trimester. Typically, that falls between 16-20 weeks. As the person who is actually trying to squeeze into those pre-pregnancy jeans, you may notice it much sooner than anybody else. It is also not uncommon for baby bumps to not show until much later in the second trimester or even into the third either. A slow-to-show bump is not an  indication of an unhealthy pregnancy. Don’t stress if your bump doesn’t pop out as soon as you’d like it to, your doctor will track baby’s growth via ultrasound. When a bump shows truly varies from person to person and depends on baby’s positioning, placenta positioning, individual body frame, number of pregnancies, and more. (1) 

What does it look like when you start showing pregnancy?

Those first few weeks that a bump begins to form may have you feeling a little awkward, especially if you haven’t made your pregnancy public yet. The unbuttoned pants and slightly fuller abdomen may just appear as if you had a pizza party the night before. This phase passes quickly, as your uterus grows rapidly to accommodate your growing baby. Soon, that pizza party bump becomes fuller and more defined, taking on that classic bump shape. This transformation is an exterior reminder of the growing life within. 

How do I know if my baby bump is showing?

Oh - you’ll know. Soon after your pre-pregnancy clothes stop fitting the same way, your bump will begin showing. There are other ways of determining whether or not your bump is truly bumping since it can be difficult to decipher from gas or bloating in early pregnancy. If you attend regular prenatal appointments, you may have heard the term “fundal measurements”. This is when your doctor takes a tape measure to measure where the top of your uterus, or your fundus. This can be used to estimate how far along a pregnancy is or to track consistent growth. Either way, once your fundus reaches your belly button, around 20 weeks pregnant, your bump will likely be on proud display. (2)

When do you start to show 1st pregnancy?

First, exactly when you begin to show may be subject to interpretation. What may look like a basketball under your shirt to you may be less noticeable to others. It is normal for pregnant mothers to be aware of their growing bellies before the rest of the world is. First time singleton pregnancies can start to show as early as 12 weeks, but likely closer to 16 weeks. This depends on a few factors - including how aware you are of your growing body. (3) 

When do you start showing 2nd pregnancy?

Second pregnancies, however, typically begin to show sooner than a previous pregnancy. Your stomach muscles already know the drill. They may have been left relaxed after your first pregnancy, allowing them to stretch outward with your growing uterus easier - and sooner. Many second time moms begin to show in their first trimester. This isn’t a hard and fast rule since when your bump shows will depend on many factors including weight, position of the uterus, age, and more. (3)

Can you start showing at 8 weeks?

Although it's not impossible, most “bumps” are not true bumps at 8 weeks pregnant. It may be - ahem - gas. Thanks to hormones that are intended to relax your uterus to prepare for growth, your digestive muscles may also relax - causing slower digestion. This can result in gas and bloating. This bloating can begin even before your positive pregnancy test shows those two little lines and may continue until progesterone production tapers off towards the end of the first trimester. (4)

What's the earliest you can show a bump?

If you’re wondering how soon your bloating may actually turn into a bump - the answer is: it depends. Uterine growth really begins around week 7. (5) This does not mean that by week 7 you will have a noticeable bump, but for those who are very in tune with their bodies or have had previous pregnancies, technically - depending on the many factors that determine when a bump will show - you could begin to show shortly after 7 weeks. For the vast majority of pregnant mothers, their bump will not be visible until around 12-16 weeks, (3) If you’re not quite there yet, enjoy the time you have left in your favorite jeans. You’ll be trading them for stretchy maternity pants soon enough. 

How do you know when you start showing?

You will have a good sense of when your bump is visible to others by the number of hands reaching for your sweet belly. People can’t resist the marvel of new life creation. Can you blame them?


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