What Comes After Swaddling?

What Comes After Swaddling?

Sleep is such a precious commodity for parents and their babies that when finding a product and/or system that works, it’s hard to change. However, when it comes to swaddling – wrapping up baby nice and snug to help make the transition to life outside of the womb - things seem to change fairly soon once you get the hang of it. But at around 3-5 months, baby is probably feeling restless in the swaddle and is likely starting to roll over on his own. This means it’s time to transition out of the swaddle and into something new. This leaves many parents wondering what to put baby in after swaddle. We unwrap things below:

When do babies outgrow swaddles?

While every baby is different, some babies may start to roll over at around two months, although it’s more likely to happen between 3-5 months. At 6 months, most babies have become pros at the roll over. So while there’s no need to stop swaddling at 2 months / 8 weeks, it’s important to make sure that your little one isn’t rolling over to avoid risks of suffocation. Once they do, be sure to have your next sleep system in place.

How do you know if it’s time to transition a baby out of the swaddle?

Once baby shows signs of fussiness, or breaking out of the swaddle, or they just don’t seem to go down as easily, it’s usually time to transition to something else. Most parents find that a wearable blanket, also known as a sleep sack, is a great replacement. Sleep sacks, like a swaddle wrap, help babies maintain the correct body temperature, reduce the risks of SIDS, and give your baby the same sense of security as the swaddle.

While in the transition phase, the Dreamland Baby Swaddle Sack can be worn three ways. As a traditional swaddle with both arms in, then, just one arm in, and eventually both arms out to effortlessly adapt to your baby's changing sleep needs and provide them with security and comfort they’re already used to.

Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, 0-6 months

Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, 0-6 months


What comes after swaddling?

The Dreamland Baby weighted sleep sack is a great transitional tool as the gentle weight gives an extra "hug-like" feeling which helps to reduce stress and increase relaxation. This should help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

See below for some tips on transitioning out of the swaddle:

  • Let baby sleep with one or both arms out of the swaddle for a few nights
  • Only use the swaddle for nighttime sleep (no naps!)
  • Swaddle every other night for a few nights until you make the transition to a  sleep sack or pajamas

What is a baby sleeping bag?

A baby sleeping bag, also known as a wearable blanket, is called a sleep sack. Sleep sacks are a good and safe choice to keep baby safe and comfortable while they sleep. Sleep sacks help regulate your infant’s body temperature which keeps them from being too cold, too hot, and makes their sleep just right! A sleep sack also eliminates the need for extra blankets in their crib, co-sleeper, or bassinet, which according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), helps keep baby’s sleep-space safe.

Can you transition to a wearable blanket after swaddling?

Since a sleep sack is a wearable blanket, they adhere to the AAP rule of “bare is best” – which means nothing in the crib (or co-sleeper, bassinet, etc) other than the mattress, mattress sheet or cover, and baby. A sleep sack will keep baby at just the right temperature, so there isn’t a need for extra anything in his sleep space.

They are good for newborns through toddlerhood, although every baby is different. If you’re baby has been used to swaddling, great! But once your baby starts rolling over on their own, or is breaking free of the swaddle, it’s a good idea to introduce the sleep sack.

What is best for a baby that just transitioned out of a swaddle?

While pajamas work great, onsies, footed sleepers, or two piece PJs, sleep sacks are generally preferred by parents who want to make sure their babies feel comfortable and secure.  Sleep sacks work because they help regulate baby’s body temperature creating a comfortable night (or naptime) sleep. They also eliminate the need for extra blankets in baby’s sleep-space (which is always a safe choice). Dreamland Baby weighted sleep sacks offer our unique features of evenly distributed weight from shoulders to toes which helps baby feel calm, fall asleep faster, & stay asleep longer. There’s also a two-way zipper for easy diaper changes. While the swaddle to sleep sack transition may seem to come fast, some babies love their sleep sacks and want them well into toddlerhood.  

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In June 2022, the AAP updated its sleep guidelines and is currently not recommending weighted sleep solutions. You can read the full report here. Please note that this is not a recall. Dreamland Baby is in ongoing dialogue with the AAP regarding its stance on weighted sleepwear and hopes it will result in the statement being retracted.