What Are The Differences Between Transition Swaddles & Regular Swaddles?

What Are The Differences Between Transition Swaddles & Regular Swaddles?

Transition Swaddles Vs. Regular Swaddles

As a baby gets older, they will come to a point where they will be transitioning out of a swaddle. During this transition, they may not be ready to sleep swaddle-free yet a traditional swaddle may no longer be safe. This is where a transition swaddle comes in to keep the peace. Read on as we learn more about a transition swaddle vs. regular swaddle.

What is a swaddle?

A swaddle is a blanket-like object that wraps a baby from their feet to their shoulders, somewhat like a burrito. It can be fashioned out of a blanket, or you can purchase a premade swaddle. It’s meant to produce a womblike experience that comforts the baby so they will be less likely to cry and more likely to sleep.

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What is a transition swaddle?

A transition swaddle is similar to a regular swaddle, but it allows the baby to move its arms. It’s designed for babies who are starting to roll over since it gives them the freedom to develop rolling over movements while still providing a womb-like experience. One of the best transition swaddles available is made by Dreamland Baby. Its innovative design features ¾ length gently weighted sleeves that fit snugly to help your baby transition to dreamland.

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Dream Weighted Transition Swaddle

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How are swaddles and transition swaddles different?

Swaddles and transitional swaddles differ from one another in a variety of ways, including. . .

Arm movement restriction: Regular swaddles are made to keep a baby’s arms and legs in place. This provides all-over comfort for the baby. It also keeps them from scratching themselves and from experiencing the startle reflex that may wake them up in the middle of the night. Transitional swaddles will allow the arms to be free.

Design: In most cases a traditional swaddle cannot be made to transform into a transition swaddle. A regular swaddle can be made out of a blanket. A transitional swaddle… not so much. You can wrap a blanket around the baby’s bottom half, so it mimics a transitional swaddle, but they will probably kick it off. It also won’t provide the same all-over comfort a swaddle provides. 

Age differences: A swaddle is ideal for a baby who is very young and hasn’t yet started rolling over. While a transitional swaddle is for a baby that’s a little older and ready to go from a transition swaddle to a sleep sack. If the baby continues wearing a swaddle that restricts their arms as they get older, they will get frustrated by not being able to move freely. 

Size differences: Since regular swaddles are made for very little babies and transitional swaddles are made for slightly older babies, transitional swaddles will likely come in larger sizes. 

When do babies use regular swaddles?

Regular swaddles are used on newborn babies. But, when they start moving their arms around and trying to roll over, they will be ready for the sleep swaddle transition.

Babies should start rolling over at different ages according to their development. However, most babies will start rolling over between 4 to 6 months. Some start with the hand movements when they are as young as 2 months.

Once your baby is able to kick off their blanket, it becomes a risk for strangulation. You may also notice frustration from being restricted by the swaddle as they yearn to move around more. When you see this activity occur, it’s best to move on to a transitional swaddle.

What is the purpose of a transition swaddle?

A transitional swaddle allows your child to develop their arm movements, while still providing the womb-like comfort of a swaddle. It will help them relax so they are better able to sleep at night.

When should babies use a transition swaddle?

Babies will typically use a transitional swaddle between 3 and 6 months as this is the time they will start rolling over. However, development milestones differ for different babies. Some babies will start rolling over and require a transitional swaddle as early as two months, while others may require a transitional swaddle when they are as old as nine months.

How long do babies use the transition swaddle?

While you may see babies start to make arm movements that signify they are starting to roll over when they are 3 to 4 months, they will not learn to fully roll over until they are 5 to 6 months old. But again, this differs from child to child.

Generally, you will want to use the transitional swaddle from the time you see your baby start to roll over to the time you see them fully roll over. In most cases, the entire transition will take 2-3 months.

2-3 Months go by quickly and parents may be tempted not to invest in transitional swaddle because their baby will not need it for long. But, remember there is no greater investment than your child and its safety. You and your baby’s sleep is rather valuable too. If your baby is kicking off their swaddle, but also struggling to sleep without it, a transitional swaddle can be a great investment. 

What is the Best Transitional Swaddle?

 A transitional swaddle is a specialty product, but there are a variety of companies that manufacture them. If you are looking for the best swaddle transition products, Dreamland Baby is highly recommended.

The Dreamland Transition Swaddle is weighted with a CoverCalm technology that provides your baby womb-like comfort as they sleep. Our transition swaddle features ¾ length gently weighted sleeves that fit snugly to help reduce the Moro (startle) reflex. Weighted blankets are proven to calm your baby with Deep Pressure Stimulation so they can relax and sleep soundly. Dreamland’s Transition swaddle is made with premium materials that are lightweight and breathable, so they can be used year-round.

What truly sets Dreamland apart is that it’s made by a mom who understands the importance of safety and sleep, too. Backed by a patented design, doctors, and parents all over the world, Dreamland Baby will get you and your baby the sleep you deserve. With safety at the forefront of every product, you can trust in Dreamland.


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