Benefits Of Weighted Blankets For Kids With Anxiety

Benefits Of Weighted Blankets For Kids With Anxiety

How Does a Weighted Blanket Benefit Kids with Anxiety?

There’s nothing worse for a parent than when their child is suffering in some way. It could be something as little as a boo-boo or something bigger, like anxiety.  Anxiety is a perfectly, typical feeling that everyone experiences as often as every day! Whether it’s entering a new social situation or being the center of attention or uncertainty over what lies ahead, anxiety is something that everyone deals with.  But sometimes, anxiety creates fear and worry to the point that it becomes overwhelming, disrupting moods, healthy habits, and sleep.  That’s where weighted blankets come in. Using a weighted blanket for a child with anxiety can be a lifesaver. Not sleeping well can have a serious impact on a child’s overall health. The gentle weight helps to reduce stress and increase relaxation making weighted blanket for kids with anxiety a must-have for their sleep routine. Keep reading for some FAQs about weighted blanket benefits for kids!

Do weighted blankets reduce anxiety?

Weighted blankets help to soothe child anxiety because their gentle weight triggers a deep pressure sensation which has been shown to reduce anxiety, restlessness, and overstimulation.  The feeling is similar to that of a hug – which also creates a sense of relaxation and calm.

Is a weighted blanket good for a child with anxiety?

When it comes to soothing your child with anxiety, weighted blankets are a great choice as the pressure of a weighted blanket helps to put our nervous systems to rest, creating a sense of relaxation and calm.

How does a weighted blanket reduce anxiety?

Weighted blankets, sometimes referred to as a kids anxiety blanket, reduces anxiety as the gentle weight triggers a deep pressure sensation which feels like a hug! This helps to calm, soothe, and relax – who couldn’t use more of that?!

What age can a child with anxiety use a weighted blanket?

When it comes to using weighted blankets, most manufacturers recommend that weighted blankets not be used by children 2 years and younger. That’s because your child should be able to push aside a weighted blanket on her own to avoid a safety hazard like suffocation.

That said, by the time your little one is 30+ pounds, she will probably love the comfort of a weighted blanket. Just make sure that she can remove the blanket herself and/or push it aside on her own.  Weighted blankets for kids used as sleep therapy, should only be worn below their shoulders, never cover their face or head, and never weigh more than 10% of their body weight.  

What are common signs that a child has anxiety?

Common signs of anxiety in children can show up as restlessness, change of appetite, social withdrawal, mood changes, nervous habits, and more. If you’re concerned that your child has anxiety, it is best to consult with your pediatrician.

Why is it hard for kids with anxiety to sleep?

For people with anxiety, sometimes just the act of going to sleep can cause stress. That’s because racing thoughts and worry about even falling asleep can become overwhelming.

What other conditions can weighted blankets benefit?

Weighted blankets offer a host of benefits – from reducing anxiety, easing stress and calming the nervous system. Weighted blankets can also benefit kids with autism spectrum disorder and anxiety as the gentle weight can help to reduce  stress - offering a sense of comfort and security. 

Where can I get a weighted blanket for a child with anxiety?

Weighted blankets for a child with anxiety can be found with a simple google search. If you’re reading this however, you’re already ahead of the game and in the right place! The Dreamland Baby weighted sleep blanket:

  • Naturally reduces stress and increases relaxation while providing security to help children feel calm.
  • The safe, durable design features hypoallergenic, fine-grade glass beads that are securely contained within the blanket’s inner pockets.
  • The evenly distributed, gentle pressure mimics the feeling of being hugged and encourages comfort and relaxation.
  • Use while relaxing, for virtual school, during nap time and bedtime.

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