Symptoms and Feelings at 10 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms and Feelings at 10 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations - you’re 10 weeks pregnant! It may feel like it was just yesterday that you saw those two pink lines on that pregnancy test, but you’re already drawing close to the end of the first trimester. You’re probably experiencing a cocktail of excitement, anticipation - and nausea.

Whether you’re basking in that pregnancy glow or living off of crackers, there’s no denying that what’s happening within your womb is pretty incredible. It’s also brand new - and if you don’t know what to expect, you’re not alone.

Keep reading to learn more about what to expect in your 10th week of pregnancy. 

How should I be feeling at 10 weeks pregnant?

If you asked a group of mothers how they felt at 10 weeks, you would likely get a wide array of responses. That spectrum may range from not even feeling pregnant to experiencing debilitating nausea. There is no real “normal” as to how great, or how awful, you might feel at 10 weeks pregnant. As hormones shift, there are many symptoms that you may experience at 10 weeks pregnant. Some common symptoms (1) include: 

  • Morning sickness (pro-tip, this doesn’t just happen in the morning)
  • Tender breasts 
  • Light-headedness 
  • Food cravings
  • Increased vaginal discharge 
  • Heartburn
  • Fatigue

Thanks to the same hormones that cause the above symptoms, you may also start to feel like you’ve boarded an emotional rollercoaster that you can’t get off of. The good news is, after around 10 weeks, the placenta that your body has been working so hard to grow will begin to replace the corpus luteum. (2) This means that hormones should begin to level out a little bit and some of these symptoms may subside. Cue the second trimester glow that everybody talks about. 

What should you not do at 10 weeks pregnant?

Along with a myriad of symptoms, there is seemingly an equally long list of do’s and don'ts of pregnancy. As overwhelming as the list of restrictions may be, they are in place to preserve the health of you and your baby. Here are some things you should not do at 10 weeks pregnant: 

  • Skip sleep: Pregnancy can be exhausting. Not for no reason either, growing a baby is hard work! Take naps when you can and call it an early night whenever you feel like you need the extra rest. 
  • Smoke: This includes cigarettes and nicotine vapes. Smoking has been shown to increase the likelihood of miscarriages, learning disabilities, SIDS, and more. (3) There has been little research done on the effects of smoking cannabis while pregnant, but most doctors recommend avoiding it. 
  • Drink alcohol: No amount of alcohol is considered safe at any point during pregnancy. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) can put your baby’s life at risk and cause behavioral, physical, and intellectual disabilities. (3) 
  • Eat undercooked meat: Toxoplasmosis and listeriosis from raw or undercooked meat can cause severe illness, miscarriage, or birth defects. (3)
  • Drink excessive amounts of caffeine: As tired as you may be feeling, try to push through without the help of extra caffeine. While small amounts are deemed okay, large amounts of caffeine can affect your baby’s heart rate and possibly increase the risk of miscarriage. (3)
  • Scoop litter boxes: Scooping Garfield’s litterbox could put you at risk for contracting parasites that can cause a wide range of health problems for your baby, miscarriage, or stillbirth. (3)
  • Eat for two: Wait, what? Unfortunately, it’s true. Since your baby will get everything that they need from you and your prenatal vitamins, it is recommended to limit extra calories to around 300 per day to avoid excess weight gain. (4)

Do be sure to prioritize your well-being and enlist the help of your support system when needed. 

Can you feel your baby by pressing on your stomach at 10 weeks?

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, it is not likely that you will feel your baby by pressing on your stomach. Early on in pregnancy, your womb is protected by your pelvic bone (5) and makes its way upward week-by-week. Additionally, your baby is so small that any movements would not typically be felt by 10 weeks pregnant - but you may see them on an ultrasound! 

Can my baby feel me touch my belly at 10 weeks?

Your baby may not feel you rubbing your belly until around 21 weeks pregnant. (6) However, research does show that babies in the womb are likely capable of feeling love, so keep rubbing that belly! (7)

Can you tell gender at 10 week scan?

Unfortunately, even vaginal ultrasounds at 10 weeks aren’t likely to provide accurate gender predictions. Many doctors wait until 16-20 week anomaly scans to determine gender, but some doctors may feel comfortable providing parents with a gender prediction around 12 weeks. (8) Accuracy of gender prediction, at any week, depends on baby’s positioning. 

What tests are done at 10 weeks pregnant?

While a 10 week scan may not inform you whether to shop pink or blue, you may be able to get a blood test this week! The NIPT (noninvasive prenatal testing test) is a blood test that determines gender and highlights the possibilities of any congenital abnormalities. Typically, by 10 weeks there is enough fetal DNA in your blood to produce accurate results. (9)

Should I look pregnant at 10 weeks?

While you may begin having trouble squeezing into your skinny jeans around 10 weeks pregnant, others may not notice a difference. At 10 weeks, your uterus is about the size of a large orange, while your baby measures around 30mm from crown to rump (head to butt). (1) This is only as big as a small apricot. While this type of growth in your first trimester of pregnancy is miraculous, you probably won’t be sporting a true bump just yet. Thanks to hormones like progesterone though, you may be feeling (and looking) extra bloated this week. Don’t be alarmed if you’re burping or passing gas more often than normal this week. Ah, the joys of pregnancy. 


Growing a human is no small feat. The symptoms, the tests, the restrictions - it’s all exhausting. Add to your “sleep bank” when you can for a more manageable pregnancy. For better sleep after the baby is born, lean on Dreamland Baby. Our gently weighted swaddles, transitions swaddles, and sleep sacks evenly distribute weight to naturally reduce stress and improve relaxation through deep touch stimulation. You can sleep better knowing that your precious bundle is sleeping safely - we've enlisted the help of professionals in the field of sleep, medicine, infant care, and occupational therapy to provide us with their expert guidance and ensure that we continue to deliver safe, effective products that meet the highest quality standards! 



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