Swaddle Buying Guide

Swaddle Buying Guide

We all love an adorable little baby burrito. Swaddling is much more than just a cute way to tuck your baby in though, it also has an impressive calming effect. 

On the Market for A Swaddle? Here's Our Top Tips:

Swaddling gives your baby that same squishy comfort that they adored in utero, while also helping them fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. Additionally, swaddling helps swerve a newborn’s Moro Reflex or the “startle” reflex. Have you ever laid your baby down and watched them drift off, only to see them jerk their arms and legs out as if something scared them - then soothe and repeat? 

Well, swaddling helps prevent this reflex by keeping their arms down at their sides. There are many benefits to swaddling your baby, and while it may be a no brainer to try a swaddle with your little one - knowing which one to get can be more difficult. To make life with a baby (born or not)  a little easier, we’ve compiled a swaddle buying guide to help make your decision a little bit easier. 

Keep reading to learn all about our collection of  swaddles and what separates them from others, including weights, fabrics, and sizing. 

What are the different types of swaddles at Dreamland Baby?

Regardless of the type of swaddles we offer, all designs prioritize safety. Dreamland Baby was developed in partnership with pediatricians, pulmonologists, NICU nurses, and certified sleep consultants, so as long as you’re using them correctly, you don’t have to lose sleep over your baby’s sleep. 

Here are our  expert-developed swaddles that we proudly offer. 

Dream Weighted Swaddle:

The classic, the OG. Our Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle is gently weighted with our exclusive CoverCalm® Technology. This technology provides evenly distributed weight from your baby's shoulders to toes to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation. Our Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle is made from 100% natural cotton and keeps your baby comfortable throughout the night by regulating their temperature, while our tag-free design allows for irritation-free snuggles. Plus, the two-way zipper makes that middle-of-the-night diaper change a breeze. This swaddle is a little slice of heaven to help ease your baby's transition from the womb to their fourth trimester. With  a 1.0 TOG, this swaddle is perfect for 68-73°F or 21-23°C. For cooler nights, try out 2.5 TOG Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle

Bamboo Weighted Swaddle:

Our custom-milled, buttery-soft viscose from bamboo is gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin and eco-friendly. Our Bamboo Weighted Swaddle features ultra-soft luxurious fabric combined with our CoverCalm® Technology making the perfect solution to help your newborn feel calm, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. Our viscose from bamboo fabric makes for an ideal sleep solution for babies with eczema or skin sensitivities. This swaddle is a 1.0 TOG, perfect for 68-73°F or 21-23°C.

Bamboo Classic Non-Weighted Swaddle:

The same proprietary Luxe Weave fabric made from viscose from bamboo as our weighted bamboo swaddles, without the weight. Our Non-Weighted Bamboo Classic Swaddle is ultra-light and breathable. This buttery soft sleep solution is perfect for those warm Summer nights when your baby needs the snuggles, without the bulk. This swaddle is a 1.0 TOG, perfect for 68-73°F or 21-23°C.

Best of all, all of these products can be used in three ways. The easy-to-use, built-in swaddle band makes swaddling a breeze for you and your baby. They can sleep with both arms in, one arm in, or both arms out - just like a sleep sack. This design effortlessly adapts to your baby's changing sleep needs. 

How do I choose a swaddle?

When choosing the right swaddle for your baby, it’s nice to have options. All babies have different preferences though, so it may take a few tries to meet their demands. Additionally, as soon as the seasons change, your baby could need something heavier or lighter. All of our swaddles are thoughtfully designed with better sleep in mind - so whatever you choose, get ready for some good sleep. 

How many swaddles should I buy for my newborn?

If you’re a new first-time parent, you may not know this yet but … babies poop, spit up, and drool - a lot. It is best to have at least two swaddles to rotate out when one is in the wash. Once you and your baby experience a night of Dreamland sleep, you won’t want to go back just because their swaddle is dirty. 

What size swaddles should I get?

No matter if you’re using a Dreamland Baby swaddle or a traditional swaddle blanket, the size of your baby’s swaddle is important because you don’t want it to be too small, or too large. Swaddles sized too large could mean it’s too loose which could be a risk for suffocation. Too small means too tight which translates to uncomfortable. If you can fit two fingers between the blanket and baby’s chest, the swaddle is sized correctly.

If you’re unsure about sizing, be sure to take our size quiz, we’ll be sure to find the sleep solution that’s right for your baby. 

Which swaddles are best for newborns?

All of our swaddles are designed for newborns (8 lbs) to six months old. Just remember to practice arms out swaddling once your baby starts to show signs of rolling. When your baby is ready for arms-out sleep, we have a swaddle for that. Hello, Dreamland Weighted Transition Swaddle


As parents, rightfully so, we want the best for our babies, including restful sleep. Swaddling can help recreate the cozy environment of your womb, releasing serotonin and melatonin so your baby can feel calmer, naturally.

If your baby hates being swaddled, that’s okay too. There are still sleep solutions for you. Our CoverCalm® Technology stretched beyond our swaddles and into our other sleep products as well. Dreamland’s Weighted Transitional Swaddle and Dream Weighted Sleep Sack are an excellent tool to help your baby - and you - get the sleep you both deserve. Our Dream Weighted Sleep Sacks are designed for birth and up, while our Dream Transitional Swaddles are designed for 3 months and up. At Dreamland, there is a sleep solution for every baby.

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