5 Products To Have In Your Hospital Bag

5 Products To Have In Your Hospital Bag

Being a new parent comes with a lot of unknowns, which can cause added  anxiety. One way to help soothe those pre-baby jitters is to have everything as prepared as possible. A good place to start? Your hospital bag. 

Preparing for The Big Day? Here's Our Recommended Items to Make Sure You Have A Comfortable Stay for Delivery Day!

What does a hospital bag typically contain?

The truth is, the hospital will likely provide everything that is a legitimate need, besides your little one’s car seat of course. Still, there are some things that you should bring in order to make your stay more comfortable for you and possibly your baby, although all they really need is you. A hospital bag usually contains items for yourself, your partner, and your baby - enough for a minimum of 24 hours. Many first time moms stay in the hospital for two nights post baby, so it’s best to bring enough supplies for at least that long. 

What should you realistically pack in my hospital bag?

There are a lot of things that aren’t essential during your first couple of days in newborn bliss that often get packed in hospital bags anyway, making a lot of unnecessary work for your partner when it comes time to load this stuff in and out of the hospital. 

Realistically, you should definitely have the following: 

  • A couple of outfits for mom, partner, and baby
  • Hospital paperwork, I.D. cards, insurance cards, and your birth plan (if you have one)
  • Your cell phone and a charging cord (6ft. minimum is best)

Some things that aren’t necessary, but may make your stay more comfortable:

  • Chapstick
  • Hair ties
  • Glasses/contacts
  • Disposable diapers for mom (trust us on this one)
  • Books, music, or sound machine 
  • Make-up (just in case you want to freshen up for photos)

Lastly, here’s a list of things that some parents do pack, but the hospital will likely provide:

  • Diapers/wipes
  • Maxi-pads
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Pillow
  • Socks with non-slip grips
  • Snacks for after delivery

These are all optional, of course, but sometimes those little comforts can make a big difference.

Which week is best to pack a hospital bag?

You know what they say, babies come when they want to. It’s best to have your hospital bag packed and ready by the time you reach 35-36 weeks. Having these things ready to go will make for a lot less stressful of an exit when it’s “go-time.” Can you imagine packing your bag in between contractions? No thank you. 

Our Picks: 5 Products To Have In Your Hospital Bag

When you pack your hospital bag, it’s easy to dream of everything your baby might need, in fact, you may have packed and repacked their perfect going home outfit 10 times by now. Expecting mothers often overlook the things that can make their hospital stay more comfortable. 

Here’s a list of our top 5 hospital bag products for mom and baby:

  1. Dreamland Baby: Perfect for your newest additions, our proprietary LuxeWeave viscose from bamboo baby products are great for the most delicate newborn skin. A non-weighted Bamboo Classic Sleep Sack can help ease your newborn’s transition from the womb into the big, wide world by creating a soft, gentle cocoon that provides your newborn with a comfortable security that mimics their time in utero. Don't forget their Bamboo Pajamas with Dreamcuffs fold over cuffs to protect your newborn from scratching themselves. 
  2. Matching pajama set: Meeting your newest family member is an exciting time. As they grow quickly, you’ll want to capture as many photos as possible to hold onto memories. Mothers who want to take pictures in the hospital may want to pack along a matching pajama set. Some hospitals may even offer professional photography services. 
  3. Phone charger: While you deserve the time to disconnect, you’ll want to make sure you have electronics chargers. Afterall, you won’t want to leave the hospital with a dead phone. You’ll also want to make sure your phone has plenty of juice to capture those first precious moments. Phone chargers with extended reach can be helpful as there may not be an outlet directly next to your bed. 
  4. Snacks: Giving birth is a lot of work. While the hospital can provide food, there can be ordering times and restrictions on what’s offered. Pack you and your partner's favorite snacks as a sense of comfort. If this is not your first baby, your other little one may need the snacks too. 
  5. Glasses/contact solution: For our mamas with far-from-perfect eyesight, pack along your glasses and or contact necessities to ensure you can see clearly. While most stuff can be purchased, prescriptions and contacts may be harder to replace, but they are easy to forget. 


Being a new parent comes with so much joy and excitement, but it can also be intimidating. Being as prepared as possible can give you the confidence you need to rock parenthood from day 1.

Ultimately, think about what items will make labor, delivery, and the following day or two most comfortable -and pack those. No two hospital bags will be identical, and aside from the basics, your hospital bag should contain what is important to you. In those first couple of days, when you’re engulfed by the intoxicating aroma of your newborn and living for every little peep they make, not much else is going to matter. You’ll be prioritizing snuggles and sleep while your body rests. 

For life with your baby after the hospital, Dreamland Baby can help as you continue to prioritize that oh-so-important rest throughout your fourth trimester and beyond. Our gently weighted sleep solutions are designed with CoverCalm® Technology to activate deep tissue stimulation, naturally promoting the production of all of those feel-good-sleepy-time hormones, just like a hug. If your baby sleeps better, that means that you will too, allowing you to be the best parent that you can be - while enjoying every minute.

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