How To Dress Your Baby in the Summer

How To Dress Your Baby in the Summer

A Guide to Staying Safe & Looking Great

Summer sizzle calls for cute and comfy - but what does that mean when it comes time to dress your baby? Keep reading to learn how to make getting through the heat a breeze! 

How do you choose what babies should wear in the summer?

It can be difficult to choose the best outfits for your baby in those hot summer months. Your little one’s tiny body is still learning how to regulate their temperature on their own, so it’s important to dress them for the weather and keep them cool. You need to ensure that they are dressed lightly enough to not overheat, yet protect their delicate skin from the sun at the same time. If your baby is old enough to wear sunscreen though, their Summer wardrobe options are slightly less limited. 

A Guide to Dressing Your Baby in the Summer:

We’ve written out an easy to follow guide for dressing your baby in those dog days of summer, assuming they are either old enough for sunscreen or will be covered by shade while you spend time outdoors. 

  • Lightweight, natural fabrics: Synthetic fabrics aren’t the best choice when it comes to a summertime wardrobe. Keep your baby in light, breathable fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, or bamboo. Bamboo actually has the ability to wick moisture away from your baby’s body. Additionally, bamboo inherently allows for temperature regulation, so it’s honestly a great choice for both Summer and Winter. Shop our collection of Bamboo baby pajamas. You’ll be in love at first touch. 
  • Sleeveless shirts and onesies: Rompers, tank tops, and tank dresses are all safe choices to keep in your baby’s Summer wardrobe rotation. 
  • Bummies and shorts: Avoid denim jeans, joggers, and sweats in the hottest months. Your baby will thank you for keeping them in as little fabric as possible. 
  • Colors matter, too: Did you know that dark colors actually attract sunlight and hold heat? Whatever you dress your baby in, stick to light colors like white, tan, or pastels. 

If you’re hanging out at home, your baby won’t mind wearing nothing but a diaper! 

How do you dress your toddler in the summer?

Dressing your toddler in the Summer can require much less thought than dressing a newborn for the weather. Toddlers have much better temperature regulation abilities. Plus, they can wear sunscreen. The perfect outfit for a toddler in the summertime might look like a sundress, cotton shorts and a tank top, or just a thin onesie. Remember to cover any exposed areas with sunscreen and reapply according to the directions of your sunscreen label. 

Should newborns wear long sleeves in summer?

Newborns, however, cannot wear any sunscreen because they have especially sensitive skin. In fact, the AAP recommends avoiding any type of sunscreen until your baby is at least 6 months of age or older. This can make dressing them for the weather even trickier, unless you have a way to shade them from the sun. This means that you can either keep them completely out of direct sunlight completely, or dress them in long sleeves.

How should you dress a newborn in the summer?

Here are a few ideas to keep your newborn’s delicate skin safe from the sun:

  • An umbrella: Carrying your baby and an umbrella at the same time may be a little tricky, but larger beach umbrellas are perfect to set up while you’re at the park or beach. While you’re on the move, be sure to utilize the umbrella on your baby’s stroller to keep them in the shade.
  • Sun hats: Sun hats for newborns typically come in soft, breathable materials like cotton with a semi-wide brim. This is usually enough to protect their face from getting sunburnt, so make sure their arms and legs are sufficiently protected with lightweight, breathable fabric such as Dreamland Baby’s Bamboo Pajamas.
  • Sun tent or pop up playpen: Any type of pop-and-go style beach tent, playpen with canopy, or other outdoor shade gear is a great trunk-staple. Keeping some type of easy-to-use shade cover in the trunk of your car will ensure that your baby has a way to stay cool and covered, wherever you go.  

Also keep in mind that your baby’s hands and feet are just as sensitive to the sun as any other part of their body. Don’t forget to add socks and/or mittens to their outfit if they’ll be exposed to sunlight. Even with the lightest fabrics though, keeping covered can sometimes lead to overheating. Add a small, portable fan to your diaper bag during the Summertime to ensure your baby always has a cool breeze to go with their shade. 

What can I put on my baby's feet in summer?

Babies tend to lose most of their heat from the head and their toes. When it’s possible to keep them out of direct sunlight, go ahead and free their feet.  If your baby is of walking age, flip flops are a great way to protect the bottoms of their feet while still allowing heat to escape. 

What should I dress my baby in overnight in summer?

When those warm summer nights roll around, it is just as important to dress them appropriately for the temperature. Overheating while sleeping can be a risk factor for SIDS related events. Some studies suggest keeping ambient temperatures between 68-72 degrees for your baby’s sleep environment, while others recommend sleep temperatures of 61-68 degrees. 

The best rule of thumb is, to dress them appropriately for whatever temperature it is feasible to keep their sleep space at. Avoid fleece, wool, heavy cotton, or other heavy fabrics for Summer sleep. A Dreamland Baby 1.0 TOG Bamboo Weighted Sleep Sack with a light onesie underneath is the perfect sleep ensemble for 68-73°F or 21-23°C


At Dreamland, we are dedicated to making sure your baby is comfortable and safe, all year round. With multiple fabrics and TOG ratings to choose from, there is a Sleep Sack, Swaddle, Transitional Swaddle, or Blanket for every season.

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