Do Sleep Sacks Hinder Development?

Do Sleep Sacks Hinder Development?

Sleep Sacks & Infant Development

As a loved sleep aid by many parents, this is an important question to know the answer to. Read on as we explore the answer so that you and your baby can sleep in peace.

How do sleep sacks affect development?

For decades, sleep sacks have been used by parents. These warm, cuddly, blanket-like sacks are known for promoting better and safer sleep. Instead of loose and potentially dangerous blankets that can restrict breathing, parents use sleep sacks that are safe and fitted. So, while they can promote better sleep and eliminate dangers, do they affect development?

As long as the sleep sack is used correctly, it SHOULD NOT hinder development. As long as the sack fits properly, your baby’s hips and legs should move freely so that development is not hindered in any way. If you have any questions or concerns about how to safely use a sleep sack, consult your doctor. You can even bring your sleep sack into your next appointment for professional advice.

How important is sleep for child development?

Sleep is very important for child development in both a mental and physical sense. Sleep allows the body to restore and recharge so that you’re ready for a long day. It also helps the brain retain information throughout the day.

Sleep is the time when the body becomes energized. Repair occurs and important brain development hormones are released. Children who get an adequate amount of sleep will have better attention, behavior, memory, and mental and physical health.

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Will lack of sleep affect a baby's development?

If a child does not sleep enough, it can affect their immune system function making them more prone to illness. It also negatively affects their mood, behavior, and performance in school. Sleep deprivation also leads to high blood pressure, obesity, and depression. Babies need adequate sleep and as a parent it’s your responsibility to do everything you can to help promote development which includes a good night’s sleep. If your baby is struggling with getting to sleep and staying to sleep, stay tuned for the solution you’ve been searching for.

Do babies really need sleep sacks?

No, babies do not need sleep sacks, but for babies under one year of age, sleep sacks are usually recommended. Sleep sacks are a safer alternative to a loose blanket. In addition, they can offer several other benefits including:

  • Provide a sense of comfort. Sleep sacks offer a womb like experience that tends to promote better sleep and a sense of comfort. They are also easier to use than wrapping a baby in a swaddle.
  • Safer than blankets. Sleep sacks are safer than loose blankets. They will not cover the baby’s face and restrict breathing.
  • Stay on better than alternatives. Sleep sacks should be easy to put on and should stay on during sleep time.
  • Prevent tummy sleep. Tummy sleep is not recommended as it can restrict breathing. Sleep sacks are good for babies that sleep on their tummies as the weight fools them into thinking they are already on their tummies, so they are more likely to stay on their backs.
  • There are some potential downsides to sleep sacks too, but if you choose the right sleep sack, you can avoid most of the cons. Here are some potential design pitfalls to be mindful of.
  • If the fits off, your baby may feel constrained. Shop for a sleep sack with good reviews and learn about the company that created it. Are they on a sincere mission or just chasing a profit in a heavily demanded market. Sleep sacks should not fit too tight and should not make your baby feel constrained. The goal of a sleep sack is to make your baby feel comforted. In some cases though, it is possible for a baby to dislike a sleep sack - regardless of the fit.
  • They can trap heat, so shop for breathable materials. Dreamland weighted sleep sacks are lightweight and breathable for year-round use. The 1.02 TOG is perfect for both warm and cool climates.
  • Sleep sacks can be dangerous if your baby rolls over. Babies start rolling over between the age of 4 to 6 months. If they roll over in a sleep sack, the sack may constrict their movement resulting in a potentially dangerous situation.

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Do sleep sacks help babies sleep better?

Sleep sacks generally help babies sleep better as they provide a cozy, womblike experience. Those that wrap the baby’s hands will also reduce scratching and the startle reflex that can wake them in the middle of the night. However, if the sack causes your baby to feel overheated or constrained, it may have the opposite effect. Dreamland’s weighted sleep sack is one that is sure to help your baby sleep better as that is what it’s designed for.

When is it time to transition out of a sleep sack?

There is no set time when your baby should transition out of a sleep sack, but here are a few signs that may indicate it’s time to graduate from the sleep sack:

  • Fit: Your baby may outgrow the largest size sleep sack. Most sleep sacks will accommodate babies up to 36-40 lbs. When they no longer fit, you may want to move on.
  • Mobility: Your baby will become more mobile as they get older. There may come a time when they are moving around so much, the sleep sack won’t stay on.
  • SIDS risk passes: Sleep sacks are great because they minimize the risk of SIDS. When babies hit the one-year mark, they are no longer as prone to SIDS so a sleep sack may not be necessary.

What sort of things can affect a baby's development?

So, if a sleep sack doesn’t affect a baby’s development, what does? Here are some factors that come into play:

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Level of health
  • Nutrition
  • Social and economic status
  • Geographical influences

What is the best sleep sack on the market?

Now that you’re well versed on sleep sack education, you can pick out the perfect sleep sack. If your hope for a sleep sack is to promote better and safer sleep for your baby, you’ll want to add Dreamland’s weighted sleep sack to your registry. Of course, you can always buy it for your baby too. Perhaps one of your new mom friends could use one too so keep in mind when you buy 2 Dreamland sleep sacks, you get $20 off + free shipping.

So, why Dreamland?

Dreamland Baby blankets, swaddles, and sleep sacks feature CoverCalm Technology that evenly distributes weight from your baby’s shoulders to toes to naturally reduce stress and give your baby the feeling of security and comfort. The feeling resembles a hug - without the need to hold your baby while they sleep.  Evenly distributed weight is proven to help babies sleep. A study showed that 98% saw results in 3 days. Dreamland Baby uses the highest quality materials and always makes safety a top priority. Our products are doctor approved, safety certified, and of course - machine washable!

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