Do Babies Need A Sleep Sack In The Summer?

Do Babies Need A Sleep Sack In The Summer?

A Guide to Using Sleep Sacks in the Summer

As summer time rolls around, you might be wondering how to maintain that perfect balance between cozy and cool while using a sleep sack. If your baby loves their sleep sack, there’s no need to disrupt their routine in an effort to beat the heat. Some materials are more breathable than others, such as bamboo and cotton. At Dreamland, we recognize how important it is to keep your baby cozy and cool year-round. With a TOG (Thermal Over Grade) of 1.0 our Cotton Weighted Sleep Sack and Bamboo Weighted Sleep Sack are ideal for 68-73°F. 

So, before you break a sweat that sleepless nights are ahead, keep reading to learn more about using sleep sacks during summer months and how to keep your baby safe and cool. 

Can a baby wear a sleep sack in the summer?

If the thought of getting your baby to sleep in the summer without their beloved sleep sack has you wanting to move to Antarctica, don’t pack your bags just yet. It is possible for your baby to sleep soundly (and safely!) with their sleep sack all summer long. 

While ensuring you are using a breathable sleep sack is important, so is creating a safe sleep environment. When using a sleep sack during warm summer months, pay close attention to the following:

#1. Temperature of the sleep space: As long as you have a means of keeping your baby’s room adequately cool, they can sleep just fine in their sleep sack.

#2. Material of the sleep sack: Materials can play a big role in the safety of baby products, but especially sleep sacks, blankets, and swaddles during summer months. Opt for light and breathable materials, such as cotton or bamboo, to help your baby achieve maximum comfort and safety while sleeping. 

#3. What is being worn under the sleep sack: Be sure any clothing underneath the baby’s  sleep sack is equally as breathable and temperature appropriate. 

What should a baby wear to sleep in summer?

This is ultimately a judgment call as inside environments can vary, and may have nothing to do with outside temperatures. When the heat strikes or the AC breaks, here are some materials that your baby can wear to help keep them cooler while they sleep.

  • Cotton: Cotton is not only breathable, but it absorbs moisture. Be mindful though that cotton can come in different weights. During summer months you should avoid heavy cotton clothes. 
  • Bamboo: Arguably the best choice for summer sleepwear, bamboo is light, breathable, and helps to wick moisture away from your baby’s delicate skin. Shop our adorable and cooling Baby Bamboo Pajamas today. 
  • Muslin: While it’s easier to find muslin swaddles and blankets than it is to find baby clothes made of muslin, it’s still making the list thanks to its loose weave that allows air to easily circulate. 

Bamboo is all the rage in the parent circle, and with good reason. Our Baby Bamboo Collection features a variety of sleep essentials, including weighted and non-weighted sleep sacks, swaddles, transitional swaddles as well as crib sheets, and pajamas that are perfect for your baby to wear to sleep in the Summer. Made with ultra-soft Viscose, our Bamboo Products are made with our proprietary LuxeWeave™ fabric that infuses our products with buttery softness. Beat the heat, and sleep with your mind at ease. 

Baby Bamboo Pajamas w/ DreamCuffs

How do I know if my baby is too hot while sleeping?

Even if you’re doing everything you can to keep your little one cool during those hot summer nights, it’s still important to keep an eye out for signs that your baby is too hot while sleeping. Look for signs such as rosy cheeks, puddles of sweat, heat rash, and rapid breathing. 

Additionally, if your little one is simply having trouble falling asleep, it could be a sign that they are warm and uncomfortable. Any of these could be a red flag that your baby is overheating - and cooling them down as soon as possible is imperative. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), overheating is considered a dangerous risk factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

What should baby wear to sleep in 75 degrees?

The AAP recommends keeping your baby's room between 68 and 72° to produce the safest sleep conditions. If you find that your baby's sleep space has risen to 75 degrees, don’t panic, just be sure they are dressed appropriately. If you choose to use a sleep sack, perhaps you want to let their bare skin touch it, as opposed to adding another layer. Here are some suggestions of what your baby can wear to sleep in 75 degrees.

  • Lightweight, breathable pajamas in those summer friendly materials we mentioned above. 
  • Nothing at all. As long as your baby is not at that super fun age where they are ripping off their diaper every chance they get … they should be perfectly fine sleeping at the bare minimum in 75 degrees. 

How can I cool my baby's temperature at night?

If your baby is getting hot while they sleep, assess the entire environment. From the sheets they are sleeping on to the room they are sleeping in, here are some ways you can help keep your baby cooler at night. 

  • Running your air conditioner: We do acknowledge that not everybody has this luxury and it’s certainly not the most frugal option, but it might be the fastest way to cool your baby's temperature at night. 
  • Fans: A good fan can be very effective at cooling your baby's temperature at night. Reversible window fans are great for pulling cool air in while pushing warm air out, which should help to keep your baby comfortable. Just be sure all cords and outlets are far out of your little one’s reach.
  • Thermal blocking curtains: Keeping room-darkening or thermal-blocking curtains drawn during the hottest points of the day will prevent the room from heating up, making it much easier to keep your baby's sleep space cool at night.
  • Cooling sleep sheets and products: Staying on theme here, the materials your baby sleeps in and or on can play a role in their temperature. Bamboo is known for its breathability and therefore, can be the perfect option for warm summer nights or naps. Sleep sacks and swaddles  should have a TOG rating that helps you know what temperature they are safe for. Shop our collection of Bamboo Sleep Sacks, Swaddles, Sheets, Pajamas, and more!

What are some summer sleeping tips?

If just the thought of sleeping comfortably through the summer has you sweating, you’re not alone. If you can remember our summer sleeping tips, sleeping through those dog days should be a cool summer’s breeze 

Another trick to keep up your sleepy-mom-summer sleeve is: blackout curtains. As summer days run longer, it might still be bright when your baby's bedtime rolls around, use those darkening curtains we mentioned above to make their sleep space as “night-like” as possible if their bedtime shows up before the moon does. 

Additionally, as you shop for a new summer sleep sack pay attention to TOG ratings. At Dreamland we offer 1.0 TOG products and 2.5 TOG products. Our 1.0 TOG products are going to be more favorable for warm summer months. 


As parents, we all want our babies to sleep safe and sound during any season. After all, making sure they are sleeping safe and sound has a downstream impact on our own much-needed sleep. If you choose to use a sleep sack during the summer months, dress your baby appropriately underneath and check the TOG rating of the swaddle. A short sleeved onesie or lightweight bamboo pajamas can be ideal for bedtime wear during the summer. Monitor your baby to ensure they are comfortable as babies can vary. 

For cool and cozy summer nights, you can count on Dreamland Baby’s Bamboo Collection. Our buttery soft viscose from bamboo material is lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. What’s not to love?

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