12 Best Baby Sleep Products For New Parents

If there is anything that new parents are willing to splurge on, it’s something that will help their baby sleep. Though you can’t change a new baby’s need to wake during the night to eat, there are plenty of ways to help your little one fall asleep faster and sleep more peacefully when it’s time for them to get their zzzs. So that your baby doesn’t miss out on any more sleep, we created this list of the best baby sleep products.

And who else besides your baby needs sleep? You! Helping your baby sleep means you get the precious sleep you need to be the best parent you can be. Whether it’s something that mimics the womb, calms your baby’s upset tummy, or creates the perfect sleeping environment on the go, read on for our best products that will help your baby sleep.

Best Products to Help Baby Sleep

It’s no secret that babies like to set their own terms when it comes to sleep. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're actually getting enough of it.  And as we discussed in this article, the results can be a disaster if your baby gets overtired. This means you need to be prepared to help your little one get the rest they need anytime and anywhere.

We’ve split up our top baby sleep products into 4 categories:

  • Best All-Around
  • Best for Newborns
  • Best for Traveling and On the Go
  • Best for Daytime Sleep

Let’s get to it!

Best All-Around Baby Sleep Products

These are our favorite products for baby sleep that we think you just can’t raise a little one without!

Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle and Sack

Topping our list is the weighted wearable blanket from Dreamland Baby. With endless choices in the sleep sack department, it can be difficult to see what sets one apart from the other. With Dreamland Baby, that’s easy. With distributed quilted weight across the front of the sack, it induces feelings of calm and relaxation to help your baby sleep! And as the only weighted blanket a baby can safely wear (all of those details here), it’s the ideal option for wrapping your baby up all nice and cozy as they drift into a peaceful slumber. With both a swaddle and sack option, you have your baby's sleep sack needs covered for the first year and beyond.

Owlet Smart Sock

One of the most stressful aspects of being a parent of a newborn is wondering if your baby is ok in the middle of the night. Though this product won’t help your baby sleep directly, it will help keep them safe and sound when you can’t be there to watch their every breath. And is there anything more important than making sure your baby sleeps safely?

With the Owlet Smart Sock, your worries can be taken away. The Owlet Smart Sock is a baby monitor that your baby wears on her foot to track oxygen level and heart rate, which is the best indication of your baby’s health. Anything out of the safe zone and you will be notified so that you can check on your baby immediately.

Hatch Baby Rest +

Let’s see, you could either opt for a nightlight, noise machine, and baby monitor...or you could have one product that does all three. I know what I would choose. This is exactly what the Hatch Baby Rest Plus can do. We know how important noise machines can be for babies, as we discuss here, and nightlights sure come in handy for those middle of the night diaper changes. And of course, we all love the peace of mind of being able to listen in on our babies to make sure they’re safe and sound. 

We also love how well this product transitions to toddlerhood with its “ok-to-wake” feature...anything you don’t have to replace with something else as your baby grows is definitely a win.

MAM Glow in the Dark Pacifiers

Looking for pacifiers in the middle of the night is not fun. And even if you promise yourself you’ll always have a spare available unless you’re just the most organized parent on the planet, you probably won’t. A glow in the dark pacifier means you can quickly find it if your baby loses it...something that will happen on the regular. Just add this to the list of genius sleep products for babies!

Best Baby Sleep Products for Newborns

Desperate (lack of sleep) times, call for desperate measures. We know you parents of newborns are ready for anything that can help your little one sleep better. These are our favorite products for the early months.

Arms Reach Cosleeper

As we discussed in our article, “How to Move Your Baby Into Their Own Room,” the AAP recommends that babies room-share for the first 6 months of life. They also make it clear, however, that this does not mean co-sleeping (the practice of keeping your baby in bed with you.) But the Arms Reach Cosleeper allows you to safely room share, with your baby right next to you and yes, you guessed it, within arm’s reach.

This was one of my absolute favorite baby products when my babies were young and I recommend it to any new parents. Instead of having to get up to get your baby and feed them in the middle of the night, you can simply reach over, feed and snuggle your little one, and then put them right back down. You both will sleep so much better!

Little Remedies Gripe Water

Gas and reflux are common in young babies. This is due to an immature digestive system that is more susceptible to increase abdominal pressure. Digestive sensitivities can lead to discomfort and sometimes colic where a baby cries inconsolably for many hours at a time. And we know that an uncomfortable baby is not going to sleep well.

Little Remedies gripe water is a digestion remedy that many parents swear by as a sleep aid. Because of its ability to relieve upset stomach from gas, colic, and hiccups safely and gently, it’s a great choice for your little one as long as your doctor gives the a-ok. 

Baby Shusher Sleep Soother

If you’ve read or watched anything by Dr. Harvey Karp, then you’re familiar with the 5 S’s (Swaddle, Side or Stomach position, Shush, Swing, Suck). When put together, these can work wonders for a fussy baby. But all that shushing can be a lot, and it’s also supposed to be done at a lot higher volume than you would think. The Baby Shusher does this part of the work for you!

What’s different from a typical noise machine is that it uses a real human voice to lull your baby to sleep. Though it may sound silly since this is something you could do on your own, this allows you to put a dozing baby down to sleep and be able to walk away as the shushing continues.

Best Baby Sleep Products for Traveling and On the Go

Sleep while traveling with a baby can be tough. When a baby’s schedule and routine get mixed up, it can rock their little world. Luckily, there are products that can help with sleep on the go. And be sure not to forget their comforts from home, such as the Dreamland Baby weighted sack.


One of the reasons that your baby has a tough time sleeping away from their house is because the environment they’ve become accustomed to is completely different. The sounds are different, there’s too much light, and plus they can see you sleeping right next to them and they think that’s pretty fun. The Slumberpod (as seen on Shark Tank) is a great solution.

This portable zip cover contraption pairs perfectly with a mini crib or play yard. After calming your baby for sleep, simply lay them down and the slumber pod will give them the private hideaway they need to relax and drift off to sleep without interruption.

For our other favorite Shark Tank Baby Products read, “10 Best Shark Tank Baby Products.”

Tommee Tippee Portable Black Out Blinds

Perhaps your baby will have a full size crib to sleep in on vacation or when they stay over at Grandma’s. Though they have a safe and cozy space to sleep, the rest of the room set-up might not be quite right...including the bright sunlight that continuously filters in. 

The Tommee Tippee Portable Black Out Blinds allow you to create a dark sleeping environment anywhere you go. This can make a big difference in the length of time your baby sleeps so that you can avoid the early wakings that plague so many babies during travel.

Baby K' Tan Baby Carrier

Baby carriers can be incredibly helpful for lots of reasons, including getting your baby to sleep! Not only do we recommend using a baby carrier on the go to save your back from carrying your baby in your arms, but it also gives your little one the perfect spot to rest up. 

Whether it's a long day trip or a grocery store run during your baby's naptime, an easy-to-use baby carrier is a lifesaver. There are lots of wonderful options, but we especially love the Baby K'Tan for giving your baby a cozy spot to snuggle up against the person they love the most.

Best Products For Baby’s Daytime Sleep

The following products are great for a napping baby when you can keep an eye on them. They are perfect for short snoozes or for calming your little one when everything from the day has just gotten to be a little too much.

mamaRoo 4 Infant Seat

Swings or vibrating seats are a new parent must-have. But it can be hard to choose which one is best...especially when you’re making the purchase before you even know what your baby likes. This is why we love the mamaRoo 4 Infant Seat so much - with 5 unique motions and 5 unique speed options, you’re sure to find what helps calm and relax your baby the most so they can get the sleep they need. The mesh seat also ensures your baby stays cool and comfortable while they snooze.

Tranquilo Mat

If you’re struggling to calm your baby or get them to nap when you know they so desperately need it, the Tranquilo Mat is a great way to help them relax. This vibrating mat mimics the sounds and movements of a mother’s womb. Because every babu is unique, you can find the setting that best calms your baby. 

Though the Tranquilo Mat isn’t intended for full nighttime sleep, it’s perfect for those shorter daytime naps under supervision. This, paired with the Dreamland Baby weighted sack, is a great combo for helping your baby drift off peacefully.

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