10 Best Shark Tank Baby Products

10 Best Shark Tank Baby Products

Coming up with a shiny new product is one thing, figuring out how to actually get it in people's hands is another. From start to finish, it's truly a labor of love, but when you know you have something good, you just have to go for it. But financing your dream can be a major roadblock (or even just getting your name out there), which is why many new entrepreneurs will do anything to brave the "Shark Tank."

Some of the products we see on this ABC show leave a lot to be desired, and then there are many others when you're saying to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?!" As parents, we can't get enough of "Shark Tank"...any hacks to make life easier, right? Lucky for you, we've taken the time to find the 10 best Shark Tank baby products that will simplify your busy parenting life.

The 10 Best Shark Tank Baby Products

Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack


Did someone say "more sleep?"

Most parents aren't new to swaddles and sleep sacks. Since baby blankets and pillows aren't safe for babies, parents want to have a way to keep their baby feeling safe, comfortable, and warm. And swaddles, especially can help newborn babies with their Moro reflex which often wakes them up. Yet, parents are still looking for better ways to help their babies relax and get more sleep. Which is exactly why founder Tara Williams created the Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack and brought it to the sharks in May 2020.

You're likely familiar with the benefits that weighted blankets provide adults and kids, so it makes complete sense that this would be true for babies. But since blankets are a no-no, a weighted wearable blanket was the perfect solution. Each weighted sack (or sack with a swaddle wing) has gentle quilted weighting on the front to offer a hug-like feeling for your baby.

Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, 0-6 months

Dream Weighted Sleep Sack


Dare-U-Go Bib, Plate, and Food Container

Dare-U-Go is the ultimate product for on the go eating for your older baby or toddler. No need to pack a separate lunch, this bib has space for your baby's entire meal.

Presented to the Shark Tank in 2019, this one almost got away, but we're so glad it didn't. This bib is everything parents want in streamlined eating for their little ones while out about. Not only is it a food-grade silicone bib with an attached container that has three separate compartments for food and snacks, it also folds up into airtight storage to keep germs and lock snacks in. This is definitely a product to have for your young little eater!

Doddle and Co. Pop Pacifier

If your little one takes a paci, you know you better never leave home without it. And if you're smart, you'll always have a back-up. That's because kids drop their pacifiers like it's going out of style and then you're left with a grimy, germ-covered binky that you're most certainly not putting in your little one's mouth. The creators of Doddle and Co. must have felt the same way, because they pitched the idea of the Pop Pacifier to the Shark Tank in 2018.

Not only can you keep this pacifier popped in to easily keep it clean when it's sitting in your diaper bag, but the nipple also pops back in on its own when it tumbles to the ground. The nipple stays clean and all you have to do is it pop it back out to give to your baby.

TushBaby Hip Carrier

You love carrying your little one around and having them snuggle up to you, but you can only do it for so long before you have to put them down. If it's not the feeling of your arm about to fall off, it's your aching back that requires you to set your favorite little human down even when they protest. TushBaby knew there had to be a better way to easily carry our babies (without those complicated carriers with all the straps and buckles). Which is exactly why they brought their ingenious hip carrier to present to the sharks in 2019.

Using this product allows caregivers to evenly distribute a child's weight while the product takes all the weight off of them. You can literally hold your baby for hours using the TushBaby hip carrier without any discomfort. Plus it's extremely simple to use and a cinch to take your baby on and off as needed. This is a product that will surely bring you and your little closer together.

EZPZ Placemats

Older babies and toddlers are a ton of fun, but they can also be little terrors at times. When you start out feeding your baby solids, it's just the cutest thing ever. But once they have access to "real food" with their own hands and have determined what they like and don't like (as well as how funny it is to drop food on the floor), feeding time gets a lot more messy. And then comes the plate and bowl flipping...sometimes on purpose and sometimes not. This is why you need an EZPZ Placemat.

It suctions down to any table or highchair tray, so there will never be anymore tipped dishes! Even the strongest and most determined little ones won't get this thing up.

Milk Snob Infant Carseat and Nursing Cover

Carseat covers are a must have baby item. Sure, you can throw a blanket over the top, but once the wind catches hold of it, it's no longer doing any good. On top of that, a lot of moms utilize a nursing cover for privacy when their baby gets hungry while out about, so that's another product to get packed into the diaper bag before leaving the house. But not with Milk Snob. They've streamlined these two helpful products into one - serving the dual purpose of a carseat cover and a nursing cover.

And though those are the top two uses that have come out of this Shark Tank product seen on the show in 2008, it's actually a five-in-one cover! What are the three other uses you ask? Because of their 4-way stretch, you'll find you're able to also uses these covers on high chairs, shopping carts, and infant swings.

UnBuckle Me Carseat Tool

Have you ever had a hard time pushing the button to get your little one out of their car seat? Chances are you've never had an issue getting it to click open the buckle, but I'm sure you know the struggle I'm talking about. Now just imagine you are a grandparent taking care of your grandbaby and you have to get them out of their car seat? Pushing that button actually takes a lot of force that grandparents may not still have. Bet you didn't know that at least 9 pounds of pressure is what's required by law. The UnbuckleMe helps cut the force necessary to unbuckle a child's car seat by 50%.

Whether it's keeping your long nails pretty or a condition such as arthritis that's keeping your from comfortable unbuckling your child, the UnbuckleMe will do the trick!

InchBug Orbit Labels for Kids

How much time do you spend writing your little one's name on everything (only to have it slowly fade away every time you wash it)? Daycares pretty much require everything to be labeled with your child's name, but even if you don't send your kiddo to daycare, labeling is a good idea if you'll be out on play dates, etc. So instead of labeling in your chicken scratch with a (not so) permanent marker, you'd probably prefer a better solution. And that's exactly what Inchbug did when they created their Orbit labels.

These are completely personalized non-adhesive labels that stretch around any sized cup, baby bottle or water bottle. They're dishwasher safe and you can be confident that your child's name will never fade away.

Ready, Set, Food! Allergen Introduction for Babies

Ready, Set, Food! was designed by an all-star team of doctors with advisement alongside leading experts in allergy research, which means you know it's a product you can trust. As a product that promises to help prevent food allergies, you're probably all ears. No parent wants their child to have food allergies if they can help it. So how does Ready, Set, Food! work exactly?

Each of the top allergen foods will be added (as a powder) to your baby's breastmilk, formula or baby food separately each day utilizing a specific introduction system. According to their website, your baby's risk of peanut, egg and milk allergies will be reduced by up to 80% when adhering to the recommended system.

Squid Baby Socks (that won't fall off)

Oh the trials and tribulations of trying to keep your baby socks on their feet. Those chubby little ankles just can't seem to keep them up! This is something that most parents just deal with because the socks that are readily available at your local big box store are pretty much all the same. At least they're cheap, right? But when you're trying to keep your baby's feet warm and you lose a sock on the go, this can be really annoying. Which is exactly what Squid must have been thinking when they created their stay put baby socks.

Squid Baby Socks were featured on Shark Tank in October 2019 on the premise that parents were over the battle of lost or pulled off baby socks. There's no question that these little socks are adorable, but what makes them stay put? According to their website, "It's all in the dots." Inside the cuff are organic silicone "squiddy dots" that will keep your baby's socks on while maintaining comfort.

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