Frequently Asked Questions

What are your products made of? 

Dreamland Baby uses only the safest materials. The outer fabric is 100% soft, breathable cotton. the fabric is gentle on baby's delicate skin and cool to prevent over-heating.

Our swaddle wing is cotton and with 7% elastic so it can be easily stretched around baby. The inner beads are non-toxic, non-recycled poly-pellet beads

How much do your products weigh? 

Dreamland Baby sacks feature evenly distributed weighted pockets across the front of the sleep sack from shoulders to toes.

0-6 mo is indicated for infants 8 lbs and up (contains 0.8 lbs of beads)

6-12 mo is indicated for infants 15 lbs and up (contains 1.5 lbs of beads)

12-24 mo is indicated for infants 20lbs and up (contains 2.0 lbs of beads)

24-36 mo is indicated for infants 25lbs and up (contains 2.5 lbs of beads)

Small Transition Swaddle 3-6 month, 12-16 lbs (contains 1.2 lbs of beads)

Large Transition Swaddle 6-9 month, 15+ lbs (contains 1.5 lbs of beads)

*Keep in mind that the fabric is also on the back of the sack and that weighs approx. 0.8 lbs. (Non-weighted sleep sacks are typically around .5-.8 lbs of fabric.)

What is the TOG rating for Dreamland Baby®?

TOG is short for “thermal overall grade.” The TOG rating determines the thickness of the fabric. The higher the TOG rating, the warmer the garment. Dreamland Baby® has two TOG options: 

1.0 This is on the “lighter” side, and can be used year-round in warm and cool climates. 68-73°F or 21-23°C

2.5 This is a heavier TOG that’s designed for colder climates. 61 to 68 °F or 16 to 20 °C