When To Stop Using Sleep Sacks

Learn the right time when babies stop wearing sleep sacks.

As your baby grows and develops, everything they do, learn and conquer presents a whole new set of questions… and just when you get the hang of anything, something new appears on the horizon. Like when to start… and then stop using sleep sacks. The answer should be easy, and it is! Still, plenty of questions get asked about when to stop using sleep sacks for babies. We answer some of them below:

When should a baby stop using a sleep sack?

It’s important to keep in mind that every baby is different and grows and develops at their own pace. Some may start rolling over, crawling, and eventually walking and talking long before or after your own baby. However, once your baby is a year old, the risk of SIDS significantly decreases, and you may be able to introduce a blanket. By 1 year old, your baby is likely rolling over easily to their tummy and back again, and she is strong enough that having a blanket isn’t as hazardous in her sleep space. But when it comes to when to stop using sleep sack, your baby may love wearing one well into toddlerhood!

What are signs that your baby should stop using a sleep sack?

By the time your baby shows signs to stop wearing sleep sacks, she will likely be able to express it using her words. That’s because some babies prefer wearing their sleep sack well into toddlerhood. They’ve gotten used to it, it’s a comfort object, and also part of their nighttime routine. But when she outgrows it and wants to stop using a sleep sack, it could simply be a matter that she’s on to the next phase and is ready to sleep with a blanket.

How do you tell if your baby has outgrown sleep sacks?

Unlike with swaddling where you baby may break out of it and/or show signs of fussiness, when it comes to answering the question when do babies stop sleeping in sleep sacks, it may be as obvious as the sleep sack no longer fits and doesn’t come in a bigger size, or she’s no longer comfortable wearing one. Transitioning out of the sleep sack typically isn’t a big deal but to help smooth out the transition, the Dream Weighted Blanket is a great option. Designed to keep your child warm and cozy, the gentle 4lb weight feels like a secure and comforting hug, providing deep pressure stimulation to help naturally reduce anxiety, alleviate sensory overload and promote healthy sleep patterns. The Blanket features dual fabrics, cozy micro-fleece on one side, and Minky cooling material on the other, making it perfect for use while sleeping, napping, or just lounging around!  

Can a 2 year-old sleep with blankets?

The risk of SIDS greatly diminishes when your baby marks their one year birthday. But until your child can move independently and with enough coordination to push things off their face, it's usually best to wait for these milestones in order for them to sleep with a blanket.

Do toddlers use sleep sacks?

Some parents prefer that their toddlers wear a sleep sack because they move around so much at night, that their sleep is disrupted because they wake up cold. A sleep sack ensures that your child is at just the right temperature throughout their entire sleep cycle.

When do babies start using sleep sacks?

Once a baby shows signs of rolling over on their own – typically between 2-6 months - the swaddle is no longer the safest option when it comes to safe sleep. That’s because once baby rolls onto their stomach and is unable (or not strong enough) to use their arms to roll back, it increases the risk of suffocation. This is when most parents stop using swaddles and introduce a sleep sack. 

Why are sleep sacks important?

Sleep sacks are important because they help regulate baby’s body temperature creating a comfortable night (or naptime) sleep. They also eliminate the need for anything extra in baby’s sleep-space which is what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend – that baby’s sleep space be free of any loose blankets or bedding to ensure the safest possible sleep. Similar to the Weighted Dream swaddle, the Dream Weighted sleep sack offers evenly distributed weight from shoulders to toes which helps baby feel calm, fall asleep faster, & stay asleep longer. 

What happens after you stop using a sleep sack?

As with all other milestones worth celebrating, when your baby or toddler stops using a sleep sack, he or she can graduate to pajamas and a blanket! As long as she’s coordinated and strong enough to push a blanket off of her face and roll over on her own, and is at least one year old, your child’s sleep may be ready for a whole new chapter!

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