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15 Best Gifts for Her First Mother's Day

Whether you're shopping for a mama-to-be or a new mom celebrating her first Mother's Day with her bundle of joy wrapped in her arms, it's important to find the right gift. Of course she'll appreciate anything you give her, but we know you want it to be something special and thoughtful that she'll actually use. That's why we've rounded up 15 of our best first Mother's Day gifts that any mom celebrating her first Mother's Day would feel lucky to have.

When coming up with our list of gifts we thought about everything we wanted as new moms: sleep, convenience, and a moment of peace and quiet. We were also incredibly proud of our new mom status and couldn't wait to show it off to the world. Each of these gifts fits into one of those categories - so consider what the mom you're shopping for needs most and go from there!

First Mother's Day Gifts

1) Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack

It's no secret that babies are on their own terms when it comes to sleep. For new moms, this probably throws them for a loop more than anything else. Which means any gift that will help her new baby sleep will be welcomed with open arms.

The Dreamland Baby Weighted Sack is our top gift for a new mom's first Mother's Day. Unlike other wearable blankets, it has quilted beading on top to offer a gentle weight to a baby to help them fall asleep. And that means lots more sleep for mama, too.

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Convenience is key for new moms. With the busy, on-the-go lifestyles that many moms have these days, it's helpful to make those out of the house jaunts with a little one a bit easier. We love the Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer for its ability to warm milk reliably and safely with the push of a button. Asking for a bowl of hot water to warm a baby's bottle is out; warm milk with a sleek, stylish battery-powered bottle warmer is in.


Think of this baby carrier as a fancy fanny pack with the capability to sit your baby on it. Because that's exactly what it is. Any mom would be lucky to be gifted this ingenious carrier because it will allow her to hip-carry her baby (like all moms do) without the added stress that normally comes from toting a baby around this way. What's more is that it has tons of pockets where she can stash all of her and her little one's stuff so she can even leave the diaper bag at home, too. 


4) Amazon Kindle

Is the new mom you're buying for an avid reader? This is one of the best gifts I received as a new mom. Why? Because it's almost impossible to hold a "real" book in your hands while nursing or bottle-feeding a newborn. With a Kindle, both can be done at the same time. And because it's backlit with the ability to adjust the brightness, she can even read during those nighttime feeding sessions there are sure to be plenty of. 


If the baby has already arrived, these personalized stackable name rings are a wonderful choice for any new mom. Since every woman has a preference on her jewelry color, we love that you're able to choose between sterling silver, gold, and rose gold. What's more is that if more babies come along, she can easily add more rings with the other babies' names. If she's more of a necklace person, check out this pretty bar-style one from Etsy.


What better time to start matching your mini-me than immediately postpartum? These nursing friendly gowns and robes for mom come in a variety of darling prints with the cutest tiny baby jammies, swaddles and bows to match. Even once the little one grows out of their clothing, the loungewear for mom can continue to be used for years to come (or with any new babies who come along, of course!)


Many moms are eager to get back to their regular exercise routine once they have healed from childbirth and are feeling up to it. But generally, sports bras and nursing don't mix. Having a comfortable and nursing-friendly sports bra is a game-changer for a new mother. The Speed Feed nursing bra gives great compression for many different types of workouts, while also having the perfect design to nurse baby when the workout is over. It comes in 4 colors and we love the cross back design, too.


These ring slings are as beautiful as they are functional. If the mama you're shopping for has a baby on the way or a little one who is brand new, a ring sling is an excellent choice. They work wonders for calming fussy newborns who need that extra cuddle time - and mama can tackle her to-do list at the same time. Choose from a variety of fabrics including linen, raw cotton, bamboo, and silk.


Most new moms probably don't realize that they have years ahead of them of microwaving cold coffee. The distractions are real! Having a Yeti Coffee Mug that keeps coffee hot so the new mama can stay wide-eyed until naptime is definitely something she'll feel lucky to have. Bonus: It can double up and keep her soothing tea warm as she finally finds some downtime to relax before bed.


This will clean for her. Need I say more? It's amazing how one tiiiiny, little human can make it next to impossible to get the simplest of chores done, but they do. Any gift you can give a new mom to take some burden off of their daily to-do list, they will happily take! With any of the five iRobot Roombas, she's able to focus more energy on her new baby (where it should be going) and less on worrying about cleaning her floors. Moms with pets, especially, will love you for this!


What did we moms ever do without dry shampoo?! That might sound a little dramatic, but new mamas definitely don't have time to do their hair from start to finish every single day. This dry shampoo from Living Proof is the perfect way for any new mom to freshen up quickly to feel like herself even after her little one decided to stay up and party all night. You can even create your own little "spa" package for her by bundling this with some of their other awesome products.


No matter what stage the new mom is in of pregnancy or even if she's already started her postpartum journey, there is a Bump Box she will love. If you're not sure what exactly the new mom already has or needs, this is a great choice. Each box has several items to give her the relaxation she needs to get some self-care during a very busy time. You can gift her a single box or even get her a monthly subscription. And when Father's Day rolls around, they even have a special Bump Box for new dads, too.


This is a gift that gives double the convenience for a breastfeeding mama. Not only is this a versatile product, but it's also one that will get used every single day. A car seat cover is a necessity for young babies - whether it's to block away sun or just keep the space dark and distraction-free when it's time for the little one to take a snooze. And when feeding time rolls around, the mom just pops off the cover and puts it over herself to conduct a discreet nursing session. Pretty genius! Plus, there are so many adorable prints to fit the mom's personal style that you'll be gifting this to.


Earlier we talked about how much we love the weighted wearable blanket from Dreamland Baby for new babies. This means we love weighted blankets for adults, too! When the new mama does finally get a chance to get some shut-eye herself, she'll want to be able to fall asleep right away and get as much quality sleep as she can. A weighted blanket will help with that! These cozy ones from Luxome come in a variety of weights, colors and prints so you can find the perfect one you know fits her home style best.


Lots of new moms will get meals brought to them in those first couple of weeks after the baby arrives, but that wanes off pretty quickly most of the time. Except the lack of sleep will continue. And that makes getting hot meals on the table each night for dinner a difficult task - especially if the new mom is contending with the witching hour, too. Gifting a food subscription service like Hello Fresh can help a lot. Think the new mom may want to skip cooking altogether some nights? You could always go for a gift card from somewhere like DoorDash so she can get the steaming hot food she's been craving.

Everyone always says "it's the thought that counts" and though that's definitely true, a first Mother's Day is a really big deal! You want to make sure you gift her something that honors the best role in life she'll ever have. We are confident that something from this list will be the perfect present!

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