A New Mom's Sleep Deprivation Story

A New Mom's Sleep Deprivation Story

Sleep deprivation is the norm when you’re the parent of a newborn baby. 

It seems like the first 3 months are heavily focused on getting your baby to sleep longer hours during the night. There are so many rules, regulations, and products to help do that-- So which do you choose and what really works? Like any normal, new mom, I filled up my Amazon cart with way too many sleep products and pretended I didn’t just spend hundreds of dollars.

The first round of trial and error began our very first night home with Nash.  I had Velcro swaddles, muslin swaddles stretchy blanket swaddles, sleep pouches, etc. I bought tons of options not knowing which one would work best for him.  Most of the time, Nash broke out of the blanket swaddles, so those were out.  We found that Velcro swaddles worked best for us.

He had been home a few weeks and doing well in his Velcro swaddle. However, now he began growing out of his current swaddle and I was on the hunt for another new product.  Again, I spent tons of money buying different things to trial and error.  Maybe he was ready for just a regular sleep sack now?  Nope.  He still startled too much for that.  I knew we needed another Velcro sleep sack, just a larger one and one that would allow us to keep his arms out.  We did find one that worked for us, but a new product meant another new adjustment period for Nash and less sleep for mommy and daddy.

As time went on, you can guess that Nash grew out of his next swaddle too.  Time to repeat the process… This time he was ready for a sleep sack, and yet another transition period and another sleep regression while in the process.  It felt like every few weeks we were taking three steps forward and two steps back.  The short of it is that we spent a lot of time and money finding the right sleep solution for our baby.

We first discovered Dreamland Baby when Nash was 4.5 months old. Nash is a very active baby, he moves around a lot, barely naps during the day, and although he sleeps through the night, I constantly hear him on the monitor tossing and turning to find comfort.  His very first night in his Dreamland sleep sack he slept completely sound! I didn’t hear him moving around at all on the monitor.  I also track his sleep on the Owlet Smart Sock app and it shows him having “great” sleep quality! 



I absolutely love the concept of the wearable weighted blanket with the swaddle wing that Dreamland Baby offers and you can bet if this product was available when Nash was first born, it would have been our best solution. 

First of all, the weighted aspect along with the detachable swaddle wing would have worked wonders for an easily startled newborn.  Transitioning would have been completely seamless—we could have started transitioning by keeping his arms out but still wrapping his body in the swaddle wing, followed by then removing the swaddle wing altogether. 

Essentially this is the transition process we followed but using countless different products to do so. It would have been amazing to have one product that would grow with our baby—and now it does exist!    

With the rapid rate a baby changes and grows, it’s hard to justify half of the things you buy knowing they will only use them for a short period of time. I’m a huge fan of products that can grow with your child.  Dreamland Baby is one 100% a product that any parent would have no problem justifying— It makes transitioning from swaddle to wearable blanket so easy, and anything that makes any aspect of parenting easier is amazing!

We have a great sleeper, and all worked out perfectly, however, the journey could have been so much easier!  Whenever baby number two comes along—we’ll be ready!

About the Author: Courtney Doucette is the author of Pixie Dust & Parenting, a lifestyle blog about her adventures as a new mom and her love for Disney & all things made with magic!