Dreamland Baby


Q: How does Dreamland Baby help prevent the Moro reflex? 

A: There is no way to prevent the Moro reflex but there are ways to help calm a baby experiencing Moro reflex. Dreamland Baby's gentle weight in combination with the swaddle wing helps to recreate the womb environment. This helps soothe babies that are experiencing this startle reflex. Leading to your little one feeling calm, falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. See our blog articles on this topic; here, here & here.

Q: If I am sleep training can I still use Dreamland Baby?

A: Absolutely. Sleep training is the process of helping a baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. Dreamland Baby can be used in any of the three most common sleep training methods; the cry it out approach, the no tears approach or the fading approach. Consistency is a key element of all three approaches, using Dreamland Baby for naps and nighttime sleep can make it an integral part of the sleep training approach. 

Q: Is Dreamland Baby safe?

A: Yes! As a mom of four safety was my # 1 consideration during the development of our wearable weighted blanket. Dreamland Baby was developed in partnership with pediatricians, NICU nurses and certified sleep consultants. We pulled research from a clinical study demonstrating weighted blankets are safe for newborns, significantly increase calm feelings and improve sleep patterns. Our products are safety certified, have passed all Consumer Product Safety Commission standards, doctor approved, and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle as a “hip-healthy” product when used as directed.

Q: What size Dreamland Baby would you recommend for the 4 month sleep regression?

A: Dreamland Baby comes in a 0-4 month swaddle / sleep sack combo and 0-6 month sleep sack. Because each infant is unique in size following the size chart is recomedned. If you have any additional sizing questions you can reach out to our customer service department at hello@dreamlandbabyco.com 

Q: What are care instructions?

A: For longest life of the product, we recommend washing on a gentle cycle, cold and tumble dry, low heat. I personally hang dry all of my clothes so I do the same with my Dream Weighted Blanket and they have held up wonderfully.  

Q: What is the TOG Rating for Dreamland Baby?

TOG is short for "thermal overall grade." The TOG rating determines thickness of the fabric. The higher the TOG rating, the warmer the garment is. Typical TOG rating for sleep sacks varying between 0-6. Ranging from a very thin cotton to a super warm fleece fabric.

Dreamland Baby has a TOG rating of 0.6. Our products are made of a light weight, breathable 100% cotton fabric. 0.6 is on the "lighter" side, meaning our weighted sleep sacks can be used year round in both warm and cool climates. 

The TOG rating of 0.6 can be used as a guideline for parents to determine what to pair with their Dreamland Baby depending on the and the time of year and the temperature inside baby's nursery. For example, the Dreamland Baby could be paired with a onesie in the summer or paired with warm, long sleeve pajamas in the winter. 

The TOG rating should be used as a guide but every baby is different. It is the caregivers responsibility to monitor baby's temperature and ensure baby does not get too hot or too cold. 

Q: What should I check before use?

A: Before using Dreamland Baby inspect your sleek sack carefully. If fabric, stitching or zipper is damaged in any way do not use. If you are in need of an exchange, contact hello@dreamlandbabyco.com and use DAMAGED in the subject title.

Q: Is there any baby safety information I should know?

A: Baby safety is always the responsibility of baby's parent or caregiver. Always place baby on their back for sleeping. Always ensure no part of the garment interferes with the baby's breathing or cover the nose or mouth. Remove swaddle wing when baby shows signs of rolling over or breaking out of the swaddle, whichever occurs first. Never leave detached swaddle wing near baby. Ensure proper fit: baby's head and/or arms should not slip through neck and/or arm holes. Keep away from fire. 

Q: What Safety Testing Has Dreamland Baby done?

As a mom of four, safety testing and a clinical trial showing safety were two of the most important pieces that had to be in place before I intorduced Dreamland Baby to market.

My son has been sleeping in our weighted sleep sack since he was 6 months old.  The safety of my own baby and other infants who wear Dreamland Baby is something I take VERY seriously and is an absolutely top priority for our company.  

Dreamland Baby products are rigorously tested with both required and non-required testing. We ensure high quality standards and safety in every aspect of our products.

Testing Procedures Performed:

- Lead (Metal)
- Lead (Non-Metal)
- Lead (Surface Coating)
- Phalates
- Colorfastness
- Flammability of clothing textile
- Pilling Resistance
- Dimensional changes- Home Laundering
- Colorfastness to Laundering
- Thermal Transmittance
- Sharp Edges
- Sharp Points
- Small Parts: Choking Hazard
- Small Part: Use & Abuse: Torque & Tension Test
- Suffocation Hazards
-Tracking Labels for Children's Sleepwear
Size Verification of Children's Sleepwear


Q: What is Dreamland Baby's Warranty?

A: Dreamland Baby warrants that our products are free from any manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for a period of 6 months from the original date of purchase. If you are in need of warranty or repair, contact hello@dreamlandbabyco.com and use WARRANTY in the subject title.

Q: How do I order wholesale? 

A: Please email: hello@dreamlandbabyco.com.