Our Story

Meet our founder, tara.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in my case, it’s true!

It started when my fourth baby, Luke, was still waking up multiple times during the night. Like so many of you, I was sleep-deprived, stressed, and desperate for help.

One night, he was lying next to me, and I gently placed a heavy throw blanket on top of him, and he instantly calmed down. That was my AHA moment! I reached out to my mother-in-law, who created the first Dreamland Baby prototype –an evenly weighted wearable sleep sack.

The first night wearing it Luke slept 12 hours!

September 2019

Dreamland Baby is born!

may 2020

Tara makes Shark Tank deal with Lori


november 2020

Nordstrom & Bloomingdales Launch

december 2020

Introduced the Weighted Blanket

MARCH 2021

Target Launch

SEPTember 2021

New Swaddle Design

NOVember 2021

Solid color collection arrives in 4 colors

together we've given families over


hours of additional sleep.

Now that's a dream come true.


Female Founded

We are passionate about supporting women and are proud to be members of WBEC, the Women's Business Enterprise Council. Our goal is to empower women and advance diversity. Please join our Mom Squad and help us in our mission to build a strong and supportive community.


We can’t wait for you to try our products and join us on our mission to bring better sleep to families everywhere.

xo, Tara Williams

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