Best Baby Sleeping Bags for Safe and Sound Sleep

Who doesn't love crawling into bed at night after a busy day and curling up under a warm, cozy blanket? I think it's something most of us look forward to. But for our babies, they don't get this luxury because putting your infant to bed with a blanket isn't safe. Except we know how much babies need to feel warm, safe, and comforted. This helps them stay calm and relaxed. Which is why parents love the option of baby sleeping bags so much. Also known as wearable blankets, these are the safe kind of blanket made especially for babies to be able to cozy up under the "covers" just like you.

But not all blankets are created equal, and neither are wearable blankets. Just like you have a preference on the type of blanket you like to sleep with, so will your baby when it comes to a wearable blanket. That's why we've rounded up this list of the five best baby sleeping bags to help your baby get the safe and sound sleep they need all year round. With sleep so hard to come by in that first year, this is definitely a sleep aid that will help!

The 5 Best Baby Sleeping Bags

Each one of the baby sleeping bags on our list is safe for your baby. They are the perfect substitute for a regular blanket which should never be in your baby's crib (as advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics). It can be hard to lay your baby down in a crib with nothing to keep them cozy and comforted (because stuffed animals and pillows aren't safe either), so a baby sleeping bag that is secured around your baby that they can't kick off is the perfect choice! There's a reason why we've included it as one of our most important items in a solid sleep routine, which you can read more about in, "Getting Your Baby to Sleep in a Crib."

Let's find out the top 5 sleeping bags to help your baby safely get the ZZZs they (and you!) desperately need. We'll start off with our top choice - this weighted one from Dreamland Baby!

1. Dreamland Baby Weighted Wearable Blanket

Weighted blankets have become popular in recent years for adults and children. With the benefits they offer, it's not surprising that so many people are seeking them for better sleep. According to Healthline, "Research suggests weighted blankets may benefit people with anxiety, autism, and insomnia, among other conditions." The deep pressure stimulation relaxes the nervous system to give a hug-like effect to help people sleep better.

So, what does this have to do with the Dreamland Baby Wearable Blanket? It's the only baby sleeping bag available with all over weighted quilting! Similar to the weighted blankets made for adults and children, it increases serotonin and melatonin to make babies happier and calm their bodies to prepare for sleep. Except it's all contained in a zipped sleeping bag that's safe for your baby!

Mother Kate H. found the Dreamland Weighted Wearable Blanket to be a lifesaver for her baby from its initial use: 

"I have used Dreamland for my 9-month-old for two nights now and he has slept through the night for the first time in months because of it! Thanks for your amazing product that is already making my life better!"

There are so many more reviews like this one from thankful parents whose babies are finally sleeping better.

Most parents swaddle their newborns because it mimics their time in the womb. But once babies can roll over, that's no longer a safe option. A Dreamland Baby can offer that same type of secure feeling as your baby grows (though there is also a swaddle version for the littlest ones, too!)

Here's what you can expect:

  • lightly weighted to mimic a hug and give a feeling of security to help your baby fall asleep independently and stay asleep
  • less than 10% of your baby's body weight making it a safe weighted option
  • enhances your baby's quality of sleep
  • weight comes from inner beads that are food-grade and non-toxic

Made from: 100% Soft Cotton Outer, Food-Grade Poly Pellets inside for Weight
Features: Quilted front with weight; Zips in the front from the bottom to make for easy diaper changes
Best Season(s) for use: All Seasons

2. Aden + Anais Classic Sleeping Bag

Most new moms are familiar with the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. The muslin material they are made from gets softer as you wash them and it is so much easier to get the swaddling tight with these blankets as opposed to many others (though I still prefer a velcro swaddle that takes the guess work out.) Plus the patterns are darling and they are multi-purpose.

The Aden + Anais sleeping bags make safe and cozy sleep a possibility for your baby who no longer can be swaddled. These bags use the same soft muslin that the blankets are known for. The muslin's breathability helps prevent your baby from getting too hot, and the thinness makes them a good choice for warmer months. These come pre-washed, so you'll feel the softness right out of the package. They slip easily over your baby's pajamas and are a darling, no-frills approach when it comes to baby sleeping bags.

Made from: Pre-washed 100% Muslin
Features: Zips in the front from the bottom to make for easy diaper changes
Best Season(s) for use: Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall

3. Halo SleepSack Easy Transition

In our article, "The Best Wearable Blankets of 2020," we featured the original Halo SleepSack as one our top five wearable blankets. This was the first baby sleeping bag ever made when the founder realized the need for a type of blanket that was 100% safe for a baby to sleep in.

Recently they made an addition to their line up with the Halo SleepSack Easy Transition. You'll notice that it looks very different from the baby sleeping bags you are probably used to seeing. This is because it was made specifically for young infants who are still experiencing the Moro Reflex. We discuss this involuntary response (that all new babies are born with) in our article, "The Moro Reflex: Swaddling and Other Ways to Help It."

Ultimately, the Moro Reflex can keep babies from sleeping soundly. Most parents choose to counteract this by swaddling their babies. But some parents struggle to get the swaddling right for their babies and seek another option, or it's time for their baby to be out of a swaddle but they want a tighter fit than a traditional baby sleeping bag. The Halo SleepSack Easy Transition sleeping bag was made especially for this. It utilizes a unique sleeve design that helps reduce the startle reflex without causing your baby to get too warm. It also has a snug upper body portion to give a similar feeling to that of being swaddled.

Made from: 100% Cotton 4-Way Stretch
Features: Snug upper body, more roomy on the bottom; sleeved-design counteracts the Moro Reflex
Best Season(s) for use: Fall, Winter, Spring

4. Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag

Parents want to be sure their babies are kept warm enough in the winter, but aren't overheating in the summer. And with a baby sleeping bag it can sometimes seems as if the material is either too thick or too thin in particular seasons. This leads parents to sometimes buy more than one. This roomy sleep bag from Woolino helps keep your baby at the perfect temperature all year long.

How can that be?

These sleep bags are made with merino wool. Usually wool is thought to be hot and scratchy, but merino wool is different. It comes from merino sheep, and it is thinner with a milder feeling. When woven into the Woolino sleep bag it makes for a breathable and comfortable choice to help your baby sleep.

The Woolino 4-Season Baby Sleep Bag comes in one size that fits babies 2 months - 2 years old.

Made from: 100% Machine Washable Merino Wool
Features: Side-to-side zipper along the bottom and side; seat-belt slot for easy transfer
Best Season(s) for use: All Seasons

5. JoJo Maman Bebe Baby Cozy Sleeping Bag

You'll find that most baby sleeping bags are sleeveless. But if you live in a cooler climate or want something a little more cozy for the winter months, having a sleeping bag with sleeves can be warmer option for your little one. There aren't many of these, but we found a great 100% cotton one from Jojo Maman Bebe.

One of the neatest qualities of this particular sleeping bag is that the sleeves are detachable, making it a less season-specific option. Though it is much thicker than some of the other sleeping bag options available, so it might not be your best bet in the warmest months. Because of the thick inner polyester wadding this sleeping bag has, this could be a great item for your baby to also wear while outside in cool air. Once in a heated home, the sleeves could be attached for sleeping time.

Made from: 100% Cotton Outer and Lining; 100% Polyester Fill
Features: Detachable Sleeves
Best Season(s) for use: Winter

Safe Sleep Reminders

There is nothing more important than keeping your baby safe. And baby sleeping bags were created to give parents a safe choice to use in place of blankets. This article from Time Magazine explains the history of this life-changing baby item and how it has helped in SIDS reduction by replacing unsafe blankets. An additional step that sleeping bags help with is placing your baby on their back to sleep. Your baby should always be laid down on their back for both naps and nighttime sleep.

Using a baby sleeping bag that helps your baby stay comfortable at night while also helping them sleep will ensure that you will continue these safe sleep practices. We are confident that one on our list will be the perfect option for you and your baby as you move through the stages of sleep in their first year and beyond.

Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, 0-6 months